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Hello VocaLounge! I’m Lupin and I write music under the handle nostraightanswer. Notably, I'm the voice provider for Zero-G Limited's :vocalo_v4: DEX.

Currently I’m working on my next album as well as making a new reference for my persona and my UTAU, Blake Howell (previously Kenji Baionoto).

YouTube: youtube.com/nostraightanswer
Twitch: twitch.tv/lupinnsa

Hope to get along~!


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Hiii I always want to share something secret when I come here lol so here's an snippet of an arrange I have no plans to post publicly anytime soon tehe

Song: "Good Ones" - Charli XCX
Vocals: :cevio: IA AI Song English

Awesome things you can do on Mastodon include being able to post just audio! Just a little render I made using Naoki AI β with the new ENUNU for OpenUtau.

Trinity Field / OpenUtau Amano Naoki AI β Test

ust → ashita-tsukiloid


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