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I keep forgetting to post over here too aaa

So I just got into Hypmic recently so here's a Dice! He's such a fun character haha, I'd like to draw more from the series sometime!

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i present to u, my rendition of ! she :D

(cr as kuaciyum/wijenyum)

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Miku's one of my favorite vocaloids and I've only drawn her like twice mik I'm sorry

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I've been playing a lot of ffxiv in my free time too.
Which I usually drop off of mmo's pretty quickly but I'm having a lot of fun with it so far. Having fun being a bard lol 🎶

I have both VY2 and Arsloid, and honestly I love both of them, Arsloid is actually a whole lot of fun to work with, I really like his voice.

And VY2's just great but I need some more practice tuning him I think haha.

I've been kinda taking a break from vocaloid/utau stuff for a while, I've been pretty busy with work/life
ately, but I'd like to jump back in and tune something sometime.

I had an English cover I was working on with utau that I want to finish up. Don't have much going on in terms of vocaloid stuff though.

I keep forgetting to post over on here too heyooo o/

I realized I never made an introduction on here so hey I'm PANINI! I make and covers every so often, and mostly like to do art! I only have one utau named Taizo, and I currently have both VY2 and Arsloid who I really love using.

It's nice to meet you!

Twitter: willowispembers
Tumblr: willowispembers


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