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If you're wondering about my , his name is SHOICHIRO.

I still love him very dearly despite having no recent references of him, but he's been around for a while now and I'd love to use him again in the future one day... (and also draw an updated ref/outfit guide).

(Second img drawn by @Operaghost !! )

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Hello, I'm Agi (aka velpi).

I'm a small illustrator that's been in the fandom since about 2009 and also made an back in the day.

Recently, I've been starting to get back into drawing more VOCA art by collaborating with musicians.
I mainly focus only on however.

I mainly work on chibi art these days with a focus on creepy/cute style.

I hope we're able to get along.

Many people are drawing the Japanese youkai Amabie that’s said to ward off disease and it’s super cute...

Will try to finish before the 1st officially ends in the US but I’ve been having a lot of fun drawing on paper ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ❤︎!

Happy 4/1!

Continued my Bungou Stray Crossing with some trios I like!

I wasn’t able to do this last year but THIS IS HORRIFYING.

I feel like I remember loving Hiei a lot when I was younger but now my favorites are like Kuwabara and Kurama. Love Kuwabara.

Drew and my sonas for practice. This style is super fun to do! I hope it looks okay 💦

I noticed this a little while ago when I went to go see Chaz and Asphy at that one furry con but I think it’s really cool that people will get like custom badges of their fursona? Like it’s cute and it supports artists they like and all the styles were different!

I really need more GBF friends who are also into BSD so I can rattle on and on about something something Sandalphon and then randomly just mention how hot Dazai is or something without being questioned.

GBF friends what are some of your favorite summons?
It can be any reason like I love Kaguya because moon bunny princess and Anat bc bunny unicorn girl.

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This is random but Primal Pals buttons, would that be cute?

Streaming some buttons I’ve been wanting to finish for a while.
Music ON / Mic OFF

Come watch if you wanna chill with some Touhou arranges etc.

Me, sighing: I wish Baal and Aoidos interacted together.

Cygames: We got you, boo.

I got the opportunity to draw 's Miss Fae! She's sooo cute and I had so much fun drawing her! Thank you for allowing me to draw her!

Gentle reminder that I love my son Elmott GBF so damn much. He’s very moe and a little tsun and I would love everyone to see him.

Wip of a doodle I ended up liking. I love Sigma and his choppy hair.

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