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If you're wondering about my , his name is SHOICHIRO.

I still love him very dearly despite having no recent references of him, but he's been around for a while now and I'd love to use him again in the future one day... (and also draw an updated ref/outfit guide).

(Second img drawn by @Operaghost !! )

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Hello, I'm Agi (aka velpi).

I'm a small illustrator that's been in the fandom since about 2009 and also made an back in the day.

Recently, I've been starting to get back into drawing more VOCA art by collaborating with musicians.
I mainly focus only on however.

I mainly work on chibi art these days with a focus on creepy/cute style.

I hope we're able to get along.

One more for bc she 1000% knows my aesthetics. Initially I thought Nostradamus bc he was a physician too but she said he was mythological and he has a spear with a snake looking thing on it so god of medicine Asclepius maybe?
Anyway he hot.

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Leo and I played like this old Fate arcade PVP table at con and I don’t know what he’s like or his relevance to the Fate story but Lancer, who looks like he could be Arisugawa Dice’s dad, was p cool and I like his armor onesie.

Why did I stop drawing like this.... will probably make this into a sticker sheet because snakes and Ragna Lol.

I asked you guys last week to help participate in a game to show me an FGO chara to draw and guess them.
So here’s what I guessed: Paul Bunyan, Sarutobi Sasuke?, sexy anime Confucius, and idk sexy EVA Beethoven?
Thanks to everyone that sent pictures!

Preview for a Touhou project I was given the opportunity to work on with a small group of people.
I’m so excited for everyone to see (or hear) it soon!! ;9
More info coming soon!

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Anyway I might start watching FE3H playthroughs so I can understand the story finally. Who is everyone’s favorite character and house??

I’m rewatching DRRR!! Since I’ve never finished it completely and I take a picture in front of the Ikebukuro vending machine each time I go and the only thing I’ve come out of this is wanting sushi REALLY bad.

After months of work, my zine is finally in my hands and I am just... so happy. I can’t believe I have an art book with MY art in my hands.
Also a shot of one of my favorite pieces!

Thank you so much for everyone’s support for this (;_;) I’m so happy!

Also I have no sense of photography so I think the goal of this year is to become knowledgeable so I can make my friends look amazing.

Guess who finally bought himself a real DSLR? Agi can finally take pictures of friends now too! I’m nervous because reasons but I’m also excited.

My zines shipped today and I am so excited to have them in my little hands * 0*) I think I should have them by Wednesday??

It’s always strange and jarring when strangers talk to me like I’m actually the character I’m cosplaying as.

I also need to find another character for my shikishi commissions example because I have to mail Baal off to Aaron. I wonder who I should draw....

I’m probably gonna order these later in the week, but preorders for physical books run until the 1st!

Thanks to everyone that has supported I’m so grateful ;0;!

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Finally finished my shikishi 100% after buying some inking pens. I’m excited to try doing more this weekend.

I’m so sad I have to officially say goodbye to PS because I had to wipe my computer and with it all of my programs including all of the Ad0be stuff. I know there are alternatives I’m excited to try but I’m just so use to PS orz

Thank you to everyone's support from start to finish with my little project. I initially started this when I was waiting for my wrist to heal and I compiled so many pictures I turned it into a little book.

I'm excited to hold a book with my own art in it!

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My BSD chibi zine is done!
Preorders run from 1/20 - 2/01
Funds cover manu and printing costs.
Print & PDF versions are available to anyone interested!

PDF ver:
Print ver:

Gonna post links for my physical book later ^ q ^ if anyone is interested in one. Cost just goes towards funding it and I’m excited to justhold it in my hand.

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