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If you're wondering about my , his name is SHOICHIRO.

I still love him very dearly despite having no recent references of him, but he's been around for a while now and I'd love to use him again in the future one day... (and also draw an updated ref/outfit guide).

(Second img drawn by @Operaghost !! )

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Hello, I'm Agi (aka velpi).

I'm a small illustrator that's been in the fandom since about 2009 and also made an back in the day.

Recently, I've been starting to get back into drawing more VOCA art by collaborating with musicians.
I mainly focus only on however.

I mainly work on chibi art these days with a focus on creepy/cute style.

I hope we're able to get along.

I forgot to add that Hazama Blazblue’s birthday is also April 29th.

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Oh I’ll be opening a form for commissions on my website hopefully tomorrow if anyone is interested! I’ll link it again tomorrow or Tuesday.
Prices are linked if anyone wants to take a look for the future ( ´ ▽ ` )

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Birthdays to remember this month:

Niles Fire Emblem - April 22nd
Nakahara Chuuya - April 29th

My name is Agi!
I’m a little fox that draws (*´꒳`*)

☆ I love drawing fun expressions and chibis
☆ Creepy / cute is my inspiration


Going to post a new pinned tweet finally after 2 years ( ´Д`)y━・~~

I should repost my pinned tweet with some new art.

I’ve been working on cleaning up my website and made a commission form that I’ll put up on Monday!! (*´∇`*) I also made a kofi goal but I’m trying to save up for a PS alternative so I’m able to continue doing work on my new computer!

Decided to do a Tumblr version to see what everyone would suggest. This one was so fun too!

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Kuwabara lying on the ground like “Thanks for the shout-out, Urameshi.” Is way funnier than it’s suppose to be.

You know, when Yukari wakes Minato up at 12 AM to escape from their dorm, I was like why is the first thing Minato thinks to do is change into is school uniform but idk, TBH that feels very in character for him.

Finally finished!
Thank you to everyone that sent suggestions!
I hope they turned out okay!

Forgot to post! Σ(o0 o )
Sigma for !
Thank you for allowing me to draw him for you!

So it’s TKRB with authors instead of swords but they DO have weapons.

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I started Bungou to Alchemist anime after staring at it for years from the DMM website when playing TKRB and getting the literature refs makes me p happy ngl.

Sometimes I think about getting an insta for art but I can barely manage having 1 so I’m just ( ´_ゝ`)

I might think about making a website or something for commissions in the future so I can make like a form or something...

Many people are drawing the Japanese youkai Amabie that’s said to ward off disease and it’s super cute...

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