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【Who is Shisakune Demo?】
☕ An character born in May, 2012
☕ High quality VCV/CVVC multipitch voicebank featuring clear, powerful adult female voice
☕ Trilingual: Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, English
☕ One of the pioneers of syolist and CVVChinese list development
☕ Involved in a couple of UTAU compilation projects and has 2 solo original songs!

You can find her here:
Or, download her Cz list English voicebank here!

vocastock as of 2020/05 

Wishlist: Hatsune Miku V4X, Chiyu, Cangqiong, YanHe and Ling V5 (if they come to be)

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vocastock as of 2020/05 

[* = boxed ver]

:vocalo_v1: KAITO*, MEIKO*

:vocalo_v2: Tonio

:vocalo_v3: V3 Editor*, KAITO*, MEIKO*, YanHe*, Yuezheng Ling*, VY2

:vocalo_v4: Megurine Luka*, Kagamine Rin/Len*, Yuezheng Longya*, Mo Qingxian*, Zhiyu Moke*, Luo Tianyi*, Hatsune Miku V4C, Gackpoid

:vocalo_v5: The whole super package of 8

Been laughing because like there still is a subset of the Vocaloid fandom who still likes to call Tianyi "Luo" for some silly reason and I proposed we abbreviate names the way the MDZS fandom did and like I had the wind knocked out of me typing out lty, yzl, yzly, mqx, zymk, yh


To think that about a little more than 1/4 of my life so far has been in the vocalsynth community🧐

Yes it's very surreal but here we are

Birthday upload!🎂 I made Shisakune Demo sing @MystSaphyr
's "Hourglass"!
It's been almost a year of Demo English, and 8 years since Demo's becoming... That's 8 years of me entrenched in the Vocalsynth community in my 30 years so far! Damn...

Friends, family and countrymen: This may look like crap, but it's a thing. Shisakune Demo Official English Site!

Our PV for the English version:

And this isn't the end, there's still more! Look forward to videos for the Spanish and Chinese versions!
We're also working to produce lyrics in more languages, and more official versions (if you're interested in translating or producing one, please contact us!)

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Firstly, I want to make it absolutely clear that none of this would have been possible without Maubox and @tuskinekinase. I seriously, seriously cannot credit them enough in terms of how much they put in to make this work, both in terms of the song and project organization.

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As for what's going to happen now: we're still ongoing with getting more language variants of stuff made, and @tuskinekinase
is still looking for artists for a video for the Chinese version.

Beyond that, one of the hopes I had for Skylight as a "project" rather than just a "single" is that it's something "anyone" can make something for, not just in the official collabs.

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Yo let's do thiiiiiis - Give our resident citrus boy some more love! Throw ikeman outfits our way!

People with absolutely no medical knowledge still out there trying to recommend shit huh

urgh, people still putting +UST in their title when they're just directly linking to the file on someone else's google drive...

From Takahashi You (manbo-p), "Meat Meets Girl" (this is about pretty much exactly what you think it's about)

Miku on my keychain is the same size as a key so I nearly shoved her into a keyhole when it was dark

UtaForum Code of Conduct: Hi all,

This post has been a long time coming. As forum admin, I must apologize for…

I tried to make a quick & simple guide to understanding where the overlap goes by showing how the consonant look like in a string. That way it's easy to learn why they go where they are put & how to figure out where to put it if you get a sound you don't know.

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