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I only started doing a thorough oral hygiene regimen like two years ago but it makes my mouth feel so fresh that it's hard to stop.

I sometimes feel tempted to have dental cheat days where I don't floss or use my interdental brush or retainers. But then my teeth feel icky.

I don't get how this NicoNico point system works but apparently a couple people are regularly boosting my content?

I am fortunate to have a job that is often slow enough for me to do personal stuff.

But sometimes I forget how busy things can get during "normal" busyness and then get annoyed that I actually have to do work.

I recently saw introversion/extroversion defined in terms of stimulation tolerance instead of a social context. It kinda puts things in a different light.

It also does help point out areas I need to improve upon.

In hindsight, doing this is common sense since it's like doing a rough draft first.

First time I did things this way. Very interesting, very relieving. I still have so much art to do that I feared I may not make my deadline.

But now that I nearly completed the skeleton of the game, it took a lot of pressure off. I guess it's relieving to actually have a tangible-albeit-very-unfinished product rather than just assets and a theoretical product.

If I didn't care about good gameplay or aesthetics, I could totally finish my Snow Miku game tomorrow.

Usually I'd focused on drawing all the assets first before making the game. But since time is running out (only three months until the Winter Solstice), I'm doing the opposite, making a skeleton of the game first and then adding all the meat and aesthetics later.

I could totally finish this game within a week if it's only the skeleton. All the effort really is on the aesthetics.

I want my Snow Miku game released by Winter Solstice. Work might be getting busier though.

I think I'm gonna try "time management" for real this time.

I've been saying that life felt off since pandemic began, but now that I took a real vacation and really traveled, I feel alive again. Guess I really just needed one. Coming back to normal life feels like a dream.

Also, I seemed to have come back to my department on the brink of collapse (not related to my absense though). Oh, dear...

As far as travel is concerned, learning a new language really is about learning frequent phrases.

Phrases like...
"Do you want this heated?"
"Do you have a point card?"
"Do you want to take this home?"
"Do you need a bag?"
"Would you like a drink with that?"

When you edit a comment to correct a mistake only to realize it was not a mistake and now the comment lost its edit virginity.

I seem to have become a lot less self-conscious than I used to be.

I had problems socializing even up until I was a young adult. I was too shy and scared to even talk to my own parents. Like, I couldn't even ask simple questions.

But now I freely share my thoughts with my mother and it feels so wonderful to have someone to support you and to truly feel like you have a family.

Between constantly waiting for Japan tourism to return and waiting for my eyes to get better, this entire year has been a big blur. Like I'm constantly waiting for things to return to normal.

“This planet could be one big happy vegan anarchist commune if we’d all just chill and stop hoarding toilet paper." The Secret to Superhuman Strength by Alison Bechdel

Usually I do Wordle first and Vocaloid Heardle next.

But if I do Vocaloid Heardle first, I can have the music playing while doing Wordle. I have been an utter fool this entire time.

Something I suddenly remembered. Twice in my life I've seen a class clown suddenly break down and snap and yell at people that they were tired of being made fun of.

Makes you think.

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