creo que haré un rediseño de ori owi 🤔 quizas... le ponga ropa

Si en estos dias me siento mejorsito quizas grave las cosas que me faltan y algo un poco interesante que nadie quiere ni usará :D

So is an absolute genius and here's the naming scheme I'm gonna use for Aiko's future banks:

RockLoud → Nimbus
BalladSoft → Cirrus
PopMellow → Stratus

And then for her multiexpression combo pack:


Pitchear en vocaloid es mi pesadilla.
Quiero aprender a no sufrir haciendolo

【Cody Verre 10th Anniversary PV】夜明けの歌 / Yoake no Uta【UTAUカバー】+ Off Vocal

Cody's 10th Anniversary was today and I kicked things off but uploaded part 1 of my anniversary videos!

Scattered Glass Piano arrange cover is up on nico!
UST file is uploaded in both CV & VCV
Off Vocal has been uploaded in both the original key and the key I used for my cover

Commission me today for the low low price of $10 bucks I will draw you an icon
perfect for your new Mastodon account 😉

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