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Kodo is announced... I am going to fret about it for the next few months. I'm committed to too much travel this year already.

If you're in the San Jose area this weekend, consider dropping by AniCLover Saturday 6:45 pm. Its an anime remix / vocaloid DJ event where you can wave your penlight to good beats. Tickets ($0) & info at

So 15 US Expo locations got me thinking it will be an ordeal for the band. What if we got some fans to cheer on the band in particular, like signs saying "Just 4 more shows to go, keep it up!" MWY and Mirai has some flower stands dedicated to the band members, something like that. I want to keep their spirits up for the 6 weeks. Does anyone on VL have some ideas on how to make it special?

I never recapped Miku Expo Barcelona on Vocalounge... So late now, I'll just say it was the best. I'm back in the US now, and US expo is something like 60 days away. Cheers 39 did a lot for EU but being able to do the full tour helped that considerably. I want to help make US expo even more memorable but 15 locations needs a more distributed effort. (1/2)

No DJ after-party, but some of us did get a table at Jaz and drank. That was fun. All in all, Amsterdam went really well! On to Barcelona tomorrow.

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While the crowd was pretty energetic all the calls felt weak except for World is Mine. Maybe just cultural? We were packed in tight near the stage so I was also quieter so I wouldn't tell in my friends ear.

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Miku Expo Amsterdam summary 

Oh man the Ziggo Dome was so big, but plenty of fans filled it up! Setlist was same as Paris, but instead of 8 Hit we got Remocon. I noticed the other venues had few fans calling for 8 Hit so maybe they adjusted on the fly to get more participation?

We have works in progress..! I'm thrilled for this year's project so I wanted to give you cool folks on here a little sneak peek.
(Please don't download/repost)

Now we are on the train to Amsterdam Miku Expo. I hope we are not being too troublesome for the other passengers...

At the end of the after party we played music softly from a portable speaker. It was actually quite a fun time huddled with a few fans around it and waving our glow sticks vigorously but quietly.

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So the music had to be turned off around 1 am. But most folks stuck around and we had a good time just chatting and admiring the shrine.

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I expected the after party to be amazing but it turned out a little different. The VocaBerlin crew had scouted out a restaurant that had residential units above, so they ended up being unhappy with fans calling out for all the hype songs Nigo was playing.

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I really expected Berlin fans to headbang and jump for Hyper Reality Show, but everyone around me was more just standing there in awe. It is a song you'd want to just watch the first time, but I hope it sticks around in Expo playlists for a while so fans can get comfortable and really get into it.

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The set list was exactly the same as London, even the wowaka tribute was Rolling Girl again. That's fine as Rolling Girl is a great song but it was contrary to everyone's expectations I think.

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Miku Expo Berlin thread 

For some reason I stood in the VIP queue from 11 am tho I had no particular desire to be close to the front. The weather was quite chilly, near freezing. Once we got in I finally checked in in MikuNavi--but there is no profile picture reward for checking in! wth.

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