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Osaka Mirai has kicked off.. but more surprising is Tokyo is just 20 days away! I need to get my tour finally arranged...

Rewind focused on Expo exclusive songs, that's fine. Everyone loves Hiasobi tho, so shouldn't we have gotten Drag The Ground?

ya i want more online, don't @ me.

I spent way too long making a search provider today. And its so hacked together I need to spend more time cleaning it up. But! its progress.

24 hours to preshow 1! ryo's World Is Mine has played in every Miku Expo tour... except the very first, 2014 Indonesia!

International Timetable for Rewind:

2 days to ! and...
2 songs have played in 12 of 13 tours! kz's Tell Your World played in every Miku Expo tour except Online.

International Timetable for Rewind:

3 days to ! and...
3 songs have played in 10+ tours! nori-P's Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder played at every Miku Expo except those in 2018, and Miku Expo Online.

International Timetable for Rewind:

4 days to ! and...
4 songs have played in 9+ tours! Wonderful Opportunity's Remote Controller consistently played in every Miku Expo tour since Japan 2016 until Miku Expo Online.
International timetable:

5 days to ! cosMo's Intense Voice of Hatsune Miku has played in 8 tours.

International timetable:

7 days to ! and...
7 songs have played in 8+ tours! Today I'm sharing Dixie Flatline's Just Be Friends
International Timetable:

8 days to ! and..
8 songs have played in 7+ tours! Today I'm sharing samfree's Luka Luka★Night Fever.

23 hours to ! The last DJ is colate, whose Wonder Style was the theme song for the first big online Digital Stars in 2020. More recently his Fijina Himitsu appears on Prhythmatic6: Timetable:

9 days to ! The wowaka streak ends with World's End Dancehall which saw 6 tours. Other wowaka notables: Unknown Mother-Goose played in 2 tours, while Rolling Girl only played in Europe 2020.
International Timetable:

2 days to ! hirihiri is the 8th DJ! hirihiri's remix of yanagamiyuki's Vocaloid Become Human is on the album. More of hirihiri's work is on Soundcloud, like Sumomo Timetable:

3 days to ! Utsu-p will be the 7th DJ! You better not miss it! Last year for Miku Expo Online his set was an absolute banger. North America, no matter how late it is, he's going to wake you the hell up!!


Caught myself humming MEIKO's 15th anniversary song just now. I listened to the Mirai album a couple days ago.. its such an earworm!

4 days to ! NUU$HI is the 6th DJ. His remix of Utsu-p's Hello Builder is on the album. More of his work is on soundcloud, like 'Light'

International timetable:

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