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made an entire remix in a day, plus vocal tuning and mixing... very tired

Raffle time!

Since I'm making a new original every month this year, I'd like to branch out and use some vocals I haven't before! So, the original being released in June will have a guest vocalist, and you can enter this raffle to get your UTAU or favorite synth as the singer

-Reblog this+ make sure you're following me
-Make sure you have an UTAU with a usable vb or a synth that you would like to use!
-You can suggest changes to the song, but this isn't a composing request!

Stre boosted new original, again. it's a song that's close to my heart lyrically and i want to really make it convey the emotion as best i can

I just remembered that my utau Mira's anniversary is on friday and her bank isn't finished, and I've Just started her art and im like.


my ! i'm fine to be referred to as Stre if I'm included in the zine! ^w^ sample of a new song i'm whipping up to celebrate getting yukari onn!

Stre boosted a sample of my new english voicebank as well!! probably going to release this as well on mira's anniv!

I finished recording the second pitch of my multipitch bank today, so I just have one more to record, and then fine tune all of the oto's and it'll be ready for release!

Mira's 8th anniversary is in 2 and a half weeks ☺️ i can't wait but gotta finish at least her new bank

My goal for this year: release at least one new song every month for the entirety of 2020, with the sc upload early in the month and hopefully a youtube vid by the end of the month! songs so far are below, with planned songs also being listed!

January: "in the dark" ft gumi and daina
February: "untitled" ft Avanna
March: "our celebration" ft miki v4 natural
April: "requiem of a falling star" ft alphelia english -redux-
May: "人生は" ft IA

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hey!! I’m celestrai, a computer science student and an / original song producer! My favorite Vocaloid is Rana, but I prioritize my 2 UTAU, Hexia and Tarron!

Hexia's 4 pitch VCCV English will release on Jan 20th, so please look forward to it!


my !
:cevio: ia eng c
:vocalo_v3: avanna, gumi eng, ia
:vocalo_v4: vy1v4, v4 editor, daina, miki natural, yuzuki yukari onn (boxed)
:vocalo_v5: v5 editor, v5 loids, haruno sora natural (boxed)

Another recent original I did earlier this month, "in the dark" ft gumi and daina! synthwave song about two ladies in love and in space 😍

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