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You can add alt-text for any image you upload -- very good for the visually impaired, or simply those who have slow Internet connection!

On Mastodon, it's considered good etiquette to do this for any image you upload.

Need help with getting into the habit? @alt_text can help!

Our rules have been updated! ☕

We've primarily expanded some sections to have more precise detail and be easier to understand. Since they have gotten quite long, we hope you aren't intimidated; please be sure to ask a staff member if you have any questions!

Remember that we *are* capable of performing moderation actions on accounts from different instances! If you see something against our rules, you can send us a report regardless of what instance it was from.

We can't necessarily wipe it off their own server, but we can at least curate and moderate what appears on VocaLounge. (And even send a report to the admin of the offending person's own instance, if we believe they should know about it.)

That means that while the team is still getting a feel for the interface and other things, responses to reports may be slower than usual (although we expect not longer than a few hours). Again, definitely urge you to use those block functions in the meantime (and even if you're not sure about whether something is rule-breaking, feel free to report anyway and we'll decide whether it warrants action or not).

Thank you for your patience as we still iron out the early parts of our launch!

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Follow-up to this: we've taken care of the spambot issue as far as we can tell, but I've determined that from now on I'm going to be making an effort to properly train our mod team on the interface and give them experience handling reports and other stuff. I've been very closely watching the feeds since it's our first week and immediately taking action to prune things, but it means that I've been pretty much doing their job for them 💦

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VocaLounge now has over 200 users!

Let's keep that community growing ☕

We love seeing more of your art, music, and fanfiction -- thank you for making this place great!

If you put a link to your website on your profile, and have your website link back to your profile, and put a "rel=me" attribute on your website's link...

...the link on your profile will get a check mark and turn a shiny green!

It's a great way to verify your identity (and you don't even need to be rich and famous to do it)!

(Fun tip: If you set your Mastodon profile as your profile link on Twitter, Twitter will add a "rel=me" attribute by default.)

If you're planning on making a vocalsynth video and need some art for your character, did you know you can use art from Piapro for your videos, as long as you credit?

The same applies to art in the UTAU and CeVIO 支援中 Pixiv tags!支援中支援中

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This has come up a few times, so a reminder: reposting artwork/videos, or linking to unauthorized reposts, is against our instance rules!
We understand that this is a habit for a lot of people, but let's do our best to respect the rights of creators so important to our community.

Instead, link the original source and support the creator directly!
Need help finding the original link?
VocaDB can help you find vocalsynth videos:
And SauceNAO for art:

We of course will continue to provide VocaLounge for free, but we'd appreciate it if you helped support us:

LiberaPay (recurring donation):
ko-fi (one-time):

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Two announcements!

Firstly, please welcome our new mod, @Vocazone! seems like there are now so many users we had to upgrade our hosting plan, so there *may* (may) be some downtime as we upgrade! (Thanks, guys -- you're really great.)

Planning on posting a long thread but worried about putting a lot on the public timeline?

You can mark the first thread post to appear as public but have all the threaded replies as unlisted! That way people can click in to read the rest if they like.

(But be sure to say a thread is incoming on your first post, or else people might not check!)

We at VocaLounge encourage non-vocalsynth/"off-topic" content, but if you or a friend would rather try something with a more general focus, Mastodon•ART has a list of instances for creatives! (We recommend •ART, too!)

Like gaming (video or tabletop)? Try ✨

Mastodon 3.0 and later (you can check the version at the bottom) let you migrate your account and followers, if you change your mind later! (And don't forget we have an @ambassador!)

The federated feed is a great way to find new people from outside VocaLounge, but it can go pretty fast and be a bit overwhelming sometimes!

If it's a little too much for you, you can set it to "Media Only" to increase your chances of seeing artwork, music, and videos.

But you may miss out on a lot of people as a result, so whether you want to use it is up to you!

Not sure what to tag? Here are some recommendations!

☕ Introducing yourself:
☕ Showing off your vocalsynth collection:
☕ Art: (optionally more specific , , etc.)
☕ Music work: / ( , , etc.)
☕ Cosplay: (etc.)
☕ Recommendations: (etc.)

Also, tags like , , , and help get your work outside VocaLounge!

See something against the rules, or at least something you're concerned about being on the server? Send a report and the mod team will review it!

We're a bunch of humans, not an algorithm, so we'll take every report under careful consideration.

You can report posts from other instances, too.

You can also mute and block accounts you simply personally don't want to see. (Although we hope you don't block us, please 😅)

Have an account on another Mastodon instance? Thinking of coming to VocaLounge, but don't want to lose your followers? If your instance runs Mastodon 3.0 or above, you can migrate them to an account here and pick up where you left off!

Or, if you're a VocaLounge member and you feel a different instance suits you better, you can move there the same way!
(We'll miss you, but our @ambassador can help you stay in touch!)

Want to use Mastodon on mobile? We personally recommend Tusky for Android and Toot! for iOS, but there are many more!

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