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See something against the rules, or at least something you're concerned about being on the server? Send a report and the mod team will review it!

We're a bunch of humans, not an algorithm, so we'll take every report under careful consideration.

You can report posts from other instances, too.

You can also mute and block accounts you simply personally don't want to see. (Although we hope you don't block us, please 😅)

Have an account on another Mastodon instance? Thinking of coming to VocaLounge, but don't want to lose your followers? If your instance runs Mastodon 3.0 or above, you can migrate them to an account here and pick up where you left off!

Or, if you're a VocaLounge member and you feel a different instance suits you better, you can move there the same way!
(We'll miss you, but our @ambassador can help you stay in touch!)

Want to use Mastodon on mobile? We personally recommend Tusky for Android and Toot! for iOS, but there are many more!

Our "federated" network consists of both VocaLounge users, and users followed by everyone in VocaLounge!
On top of that, searching hashtags will let you see results from everyone in the federated network, even if they're from a different instance!

That means if you follow someone, people will be able to find their work even if they're not a VocaLounge member!

And hashtagging your own stuff makes you accessible from outside, too!

It's tempting to not feel the need to follow people when you see them in the local feed, but if there's someone you want to follow, do it!

The local feed only gives you a small slice of the conversation -- you'll get to see much more from them if you follow.

Plus, it's showing them your support!

You can have multiple pinned posts in your profile! They'll show up in reverse chronological order of pinning.

So you can list off your contact websites, or maybe show off the list of :vocalo_v5: :utau: :cevio: :deepvocal: :synthv: you have (we recommend tagging it with ), the newest thing you just posted, or even something random like a picture of your cat or your favorite video games ✨

It's a lot of work to remember to maintain another social network, we understand!

The Mastodon-Twitter Crossposter helps automate crossposting, so you can keep contact with people on both networks:

And you can customize it to post or not post certain things (like, for instance, hashtagged stuff only)!

Instagram user? Try Moa:

Oh yeah, newbie tip! Popular tags for art on here are and ! This will help spread your art further beyond the fandom tags you put on it. is also a thing but I haven't seen used quite as much yet.

The CW (content warning) function lets you post things under a "Show More" button.

You can put a little context as to what someone might expect under the warning.

That means you can use it for potentially sensitive topics -- or perhaps your new favorite game that just came out that you HAVE to talk about, but don't want to spoil people for ✨

You can set the privacy of your post on an individual level -- want to post something exclusively for your followers instead of to the public timelines? You can do that here!

If you're more of a private person, you can configure the default setting for this in your account preferences.

This means that conversely, you can have a locked, private account that puts out a public PSA when you need to ✨

Mastodon does not let you run searches for random text in posts, but it *does* let you search for hashtags -- and because it searches only for those tags, it can find any tagged post with pinpoint accuracy!

Hashtags let your work be found easily, especially from outside VocaLounge!

Plus, you can "feature" hashtags on your page, which are great for organizing your artwork, or topics you like to talk about.

Use those hashtags as often as you can! ✨

Uploaded a photo and don't like where the thumbnail cropped? You can change it by hitting the "Edit" button on the picture before you post -- and you can also add some alt-text to help visually impaired users (or simply those for whom the image isn't loading)!

Made an embarrassing typo in a post? You can "delete and re-draft" a post to immediately delete it and autofill the text box with what you wrote -- so you can edit it so quickly, nobody will have even noticed ✨

You can enable the "advanced user interface" in your settings if you want something similar to TweetDeck in layout!

It'll help you look at the local and federated timelines much easier -- maybe you'll find something new ✨

VocaLounge is now FULLY OPEN! ✨

If you're just coming in, thank you for joining us! Have a look around and check out @MystSaphyr's guide to using Mastodon like a pro:

And if you like, introduce yourself with (be sure to use those hashtags, they make you extremely searchable)!

We hope to have a great time with you from here on out!

VocaLounge opens in 30 minutes! ✨

Thank you to everyone who participated in the closed beta! Our short time under it helped the moderation team get a good feel for what to expect.
There will probably be an influx of new people -- be sure to help them feel welcome!

VocaLounge will be opening to the public TOMORROW! ✨

Thank you for all of your patience while we get things in order. We expect there will still be many things to iron out after launch, but we hope you like what you've seen so far -- hopefully things will get more exciting once we formally open for business!

Let's be sure to make this a fun place for everyone!
And don't forget to use those hashtags -- they just might help someone new reach you!

We've gotten a few questions about whether it's okay to post things unrelated to vocalsynth here, and the answer is: of course, and in fact we encourage it!

VocaLounge is simply a place to socialize with other vocalsynth people, but you can talk about whatever you like -- whether it's photos of your cat, or what you had for lunch today, or even fanart of your favorite video game!

Our community has a wide variety of interests, hobbies, and backgrounds -- why not show that off?

If you're not a VocaLouge member, and want to connect with other vocalsynth community members, follow our ambassador @ambassador and it'll follow you back!

That way, you'll appear in our federated feed!

(Note that this is a manually operated account. Please contact an admin for inquiries.)

We're working on adding some custom emoji -- unfortunately they do have to be added manually one by one, so if there's one you'd like us to add, we'll definitely be taking suggestions!

But for now, maybe try showing off your favorite :vocalo_v5: or :utau: or maybe even :synthv:?

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