@amateurCatalyst CeVIO Pro! We figured it's got its own usability and results distinction from the main program to merit a difference (similar to different Vocaloid versions).

Emoji update: :synthv: and :cevio: have been updated to their latest versions, and :cevio_pro: and :openutau: are now available for use! We accept other suggestions, too!

Hello to everyone coming in!

Just a reminder that if you're from an outside instance and want to federate with us, you should follow our @ambassador account!

Hello, VocaLounge members! As you might imagine, the admin team is staunchly against the peddling of cryptocurrency, NFTs, or anything of the like. Although it's a preliminary precaution, we would like to consider precautions to prevent peddling spaces or communities from becoming intrusive.

Since we're reviewing what to put on the rules list, we'd like to ask if anyone has particular suggestions or concerns they want to see about how we should approach this.

Thank you!

Please also note that you can also invite friends to the server with an invite link, which you can generate in your account settings!

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That said, although we would like prospective new users to understand that they should probably expect to be interacting with a vocalsynth-based community, we are of course always open to people posting unrelated content at any time, and for anyone to join as long as they're interested in hanging out with us! It's simply meant as a little nudge to reinforce the server community's theme, and we by no means want this to feel like a completely closed circle, or that everything has to stay on-topic.

Hello, everyone!

After some concerns among the mod team that the server's public listing on joinmastodon.org may too often lead to an influx of users unaware of the themed nature of the server, we've decided to make a short captcha of sorts for new user registration, which should hopefully mitigate the problem. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Esto quiere decir que no podríamos daros servicio de la misma cercanía que lo haríamos con nuestra comunidad anglosajona y lo que ofrecemos no se acerque a lo que generalmente se busca. Muchas gracias por vuestra comprensión.

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Nos hemos dado cuenta de una afluencia de nuevos usuarios que parecen venir de la lista de servidores recomendados de joinmastodon.org . Todo y que estamos felices de acoger a todo el mundo, hay que tener en cuenta que esto es una comunidad centrada en Vocaloid y nuestro equipo moderador solo puede hablar en Inglés.


This means that we unfortunately may not be able to service you well in the same way we can our English-speaking community, and that what we are offering may be a poor fit for what you're looking for. Thank you for understanding.

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We have noticed a new influx of new users that seem to have come in through the joinmastodon.org recommendations list. While we are happy to accommodate anyone, please note that this is a primarily Vocaloid-centric community, and our moderation team is only able to speak English.

The Low-Effort Miku Zine was compiled with the help of @UntramenTaro and @luxiongmaoxue -- thank you so much!

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Are you ready? Because...

The Low-Effort Miku Zine is now here!

Thank you to all participants and thank you for being patient! Please enjoy the zine and feel free to print out your own delightfully low-effort copy.

We hope to make more fun community projects in the future!


The Low-Effort Miku zine should be out for release by the end of March. Thank you for your patience!

Thank you for your Low-Effort Miku submissions!
We will be spending the rest of the month compiling them with minimal amount necessary.

Look forward to the finished version, and potentially more fun activities in the future! ✨

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