We're hosting our first community project:
✨The Low-Effort Miku Zine✨

We're collecting low-effort Miku drawings to make the sloppiest, lowest-effort, most undignified, publishing-unworthy Miku zine in existence.


Submit a low-effort Miku by February 16!

You can add alt-text for any image you upload -- very good for the visually impaired, or simply those who have slow Internet connection!

On Mastodon, it's considered good etiquette to do this for any image you upload.

Need help with getting into the habit? @alt_text can help!

VocaLounge now has over 200 users!

Let's keep that community growing ☕

We love seeing more of your art, music, and fanfiction -- thank you for making this place great!

If you put a link to your website on your profile, and have your website link back to your profile, and put a "rel=me" attribute on your website's link...

...the link on your profile will get a check mark and turn a shiny green!

It's a great way to verify your identity (and you don't even need to be rich and famous to do it)!

(Fun tip: If you set your Mastodon profile as your profile link on Twitter, Twitter will add a "rel=me" attribute by default.)

The federated feed is a great way to find new people from outside VocaLounge, but it can go pretty fast and be a bit overwhelming sometimes!

If it's a little too much for you, you can set it to "Media Only" to increase your chances of seeing artwork, music, and videos.

But you may miss out on a lot of people as a result, so whether you want to use it is up to you!

See something against the rules, or at least something you're concerned about being on the server? Send a report and the mod team will review it!

We're a bunch of humans, not an algorithm, so we'll take every report under careful consideration.

You can report posts from other instances, too.

You can also mute and block accounts you simply personally don't want to see. (Although we hope you don't block us, please 😅)

Have an account on another Mastodon instance? Thinking of coming to VocaLounge, but don't want to lose your followers? If your instance runs Mastodon 3.0 or above, you can migrate them to an account here and pick up where you left off!

Or, if you're a VocaLounge member and you feel a different instance suits you better, you can move there the same way!
(We'll miss you, but our @ambassador can help you stay in touch!)

The CW (content warning) function lets you post things under a "Show More" button.

You can put a little context as to what someone might expect under the warning.

That means you can use it for potentially sensitive topics -- or perhaps your new favorite game that just came out that you HAVE to talk about, but don't want to spoil people for ✨

You can set the privacy of your post on an individual level -- want to post something exclusively for your followers instead of to the public timelines? You can do that here!

If you're more of a private person, you can configure the default setting for this in your account preferences.

This means that conversely, you can have a locked, private account that puts out a public PSA when you need to ✨

Mastodon does not let you run searches for random text in posts, but it *does* let you search for hashtags -- and because it searches only for those tags, it can find any tagged post with pinpoint accuracy!

Hashtags let your work be found easily, especially from outside VocaLounge!

Plus, you can "feature" hashtags on your page, which are great for organizing your artwork, or topics you like to talk about.

Use those hashtags as often as you can! ✨

Uploaded a photo and don't like where the thumbnail cropped? You can change it by hitting the "Edit" button on the picture before you post -- and you can also add some alt-text to help visually impaired users (or simply those for whom the image isn't loading)!

Made an embarrassing typo in a post? You can "delete and re-draft" a post to immediately delete it and autofill the text box with what you wrote -- so you can edit it so quickly, nobody will have even noticed ✨


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