This has come up a few times, so a reminder: reposting artwork/videos, or linking to unauthorized reposts, is against our instance rules!
We understand that this is a habit for a lot of people, but let's do our best to respect the rights of creators so important to our community.

Instead, link the original source and support the creator directly!
Need help finding the original link?
VocaDB can help you find vocalsynth videos:
And SauceNAO for art:

If you're planning on making a vocalsynth video and need some art for your character, did you know you can use art from Piapro for your videos, as long as you credit?

The same applies to art in the UTAU and CeVIO 支援中 Pixiv tags!支援中支援中

I'd like to add on to this if that's okay! Crediting is important, but also, looking at the terms of use for any image is important as well! Using Google Translate can help for reading them!
Also, the material image tag on piapro is useful for finding a background image!

@staff in addition to saucenao, tineye is also pretty good in my experience:

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