tried to vote for a jesus mii, a lonk mii and a peter griffin mii for the "a significant person in history" contest on check mii out, but riiconnect24 said no

there's so many things wrong with this
- tempo is wrong
- note lengths are fucked up
and both of those are definitely my fault, i have no idea what i'm doing wrt exporting shit to musicxml
but also
- kiritan is fucking dying

i exited out and came back and it still says i've submitted something, so, i guess maybe it is working?

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"force your partner to start learning japanese this valentines day"

that's a new one, i guess that's maybe a sign i should go and do what i was planning on doing instead of watching youtube videos

ami did it so so will i
here's my handwriting

picture was taken at a weird angle so my shadow wouldn't cover it

food in the pic (but not irl food) 


n e ways
this is what i have so far
it's currently pretty muddy and i also realized that there's one note that's wrong in the chorus, AND i think some of it is a bit off time
im not gonna work on it anymore tonight though because if i do i will burn myself out

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