>:( when i was converting my music to mp3 v0, lame somehow fucked up a bunch of my tags, specifically the artist tags
me angy

or maybe it was some of the stuff foobar2000 did with the files along the way that fucked up the tags
it didn't do that when i was converting stuff to opus though so idk, it probably is lame then

@gudenau i forgot to mention it but the issue is just my music player on my phone being weird and interpreting the artist tag for multi-artist tracks in a weird way
like it does it differently for different formats
with flac it only displays the first artist, and with mp3 it displays the artist as "Artist 1 / Artist 2 / Artist 3" and then gives that specific artist combination its own listing in the artist list

@sangv Weird.

I *think* you can do tag processing with Audacity lists so you might be able to get something to work.

Plus you can just point it at a directory and it will transcode all the music files it understands.

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