I saw licorice discourse and started wondering if the preference of licorice correlates with the preference of garlic. You know what that means: A poll!

food opinion 

@samgai I love garlic, and licorice is pretty nice too

@samgai i stopped liking garlic after becoming intolerant to it

(I'm not a 🧛🏻‍♀️)

@samgai According to my passport I'm Dutch, and the Dutch like licorice (named 'drop') they say. I really hate licorice/drop! But I like garlic. 🧄 😋

@schnittchen @samgai licorice and chocolate works...

Now I'm thinking about garlic and chocolate... (yeah, I don't like licorice)

@samgai give me all the garlic and leave licorice to Finnish ppl!

@samgai I somewhat like licorice, but I only like garlic in its cooked form, as a part of a dish. Not garlic alone, and not raw garlic.
I wonder how should I vote :blobcatthinking:

@samgai Haha, looks like mostly everyone likes garlic.

Food opinion 

@samgai I like garlic very much. Most times I cook/fry it in oil (together with or right after onions), but sometimes I also use raw onions for hummus.

Regarding licorice, I used to like it but I haven't tried it since I became vegan. I think there are some vegan licorice sweets, but they contain sugar, but I don't like sweets that contain more then very few sugar any more (probably related to ADHD?). But I think there are also these "adult only" (non-sweet) licorice drops, which perhaps I'll try again.

@samgai i like garlic, but it doesn't like me :-( licorice is like marmite for me - by and large i'm indifferent to it

@samgai uh, interesting! a survey about garlic and licorice. Sure something for @umfrage

@samgai i suspect a correlation of (dis)liking licorice and raisins 🤔.

@samgai I like licorice if it's mixed in with something like a root beer. By itself its repulsive to me.

Garlic goes great with every single thing.

summary re: food poll 

@samgai so, garlic is overwhelmingly popular, licorice is controversial, but not unpopular at that.

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