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You are:

@samgai That's annoying. I'm ambidextrous, but my traitorous right hand's finger voted right-handed ):*

@samgai people who say you’re truly ambidextrous I’m gonna need to see some (handwritten) receipts

@alex @samgai funny, but handwriting is a poor measure of what nondominant hand means.

I eat with both hands. I forge metal with both. I use chopsticks with both. Untangling knots, and woodcarving, and precision machining. All swap with little effort.

My handwriting has never been good, and rsi makes it cannot read my scrawl from either hand, and they are nowhere near identical.

Ambidextrous and symetrical capabilities on a specific task are two very different, though related, things.

I'll happily do whatever I am faced with completely decoupled from societal expectations about handedness.

Arbitrary text on paper? Nah, that's a bs measure. Do better, thanks.

@samgai I put other because it depends on what I’m doing, some things I’m left handed for, some I’m right handed for weirdly

I can’t write by hand with either hand

Me too: kicking balls with left foot, writing with right hand (actually both hands, with the keyboard, recently 😉), catching balls with left...
Idea is that I probably was left-handed when baby, cut them mum forced me to write with right hand...
Proud father of a naturally left-handed kid!

@samgai will vote other bc for things that i have not learned i do with my left handm and some other stuff too, but for writing ,phone and mouse i use right
I guess I'm other? I'm right handed, but sometimes I forget and I start doing things with the left hand, which brings confusion and creative chaos around, until I realise.

@samgai I voted right handed, because well, I am, BUT, I use my mouse left handed.

@dadegroot @samgai Same, or at least thats how I learned to use a mouse, but I switched long ago becouse Gaming setups are the other way around and it would be a hassle to continue using the left hand as mouse hand.

@samgai I do many more things with my right hand than even a typical right handed person. It goes so far that I cross my arms to fill a glass of water at a sink with the tap on the right so I can hold the glass in the right hand. I unload the dish washer mainly only with the right hand while the left hand stays idle. The rare thing I do with my left hand is use my phone or typing (I type quite fast with 4-5 fingers in total but the right hand pecks at individual letters with only one finger)

@samgai Mixed-handedness is about as common as ambidexterity.

@samgai ambidextrish?

I was encouraged to write and play guitar right- handed, and mostly do (but can write almost as illegibly with my left).

I use most tools with whichever hand's nearest/best able to reach.

No idea if it signifies anythng, but I was a left-handed mouse user until the WASD era. And everyone was wrong to abandon the arrow keys, incidentally.

Playing string instruments for years, I got pretty good using my weaker hand, so that I can eat with chopsticks with either hand…

Technically right-handed when writing, using cutlery, and some precise/fast things like brushing teeth, stirring tea etc. Use left for phone talks to have right hand to note something if needed. For picking things I randomly use both hands. After shopping I often hold bags in left to have right hand to open the door. Because of this my left hand is physically stronger :)

@madargon @samgai I always wonder, is my left hand physically stronger or does it only look that way because I can better control my right hand?🤔 i voted other - i am "right handed" in that i default to it, but i am otherwise ambidextrous and for certain tasks (including ones i default to my right hand with) i'm actually better with my left hand

only exception is guitar playing i think. i haven't tried to learn to play lefty (though maybe i should so that my left-handed dad has someone to inherit his guitar collection) i dont really consider myself ambidextrous for the purposes of a poll like this, because

- if you live with me, you would never know i am anything other than right handed
- if you were to test me while not knowing which i am, you would probably conclude i am left handed

@samgai “Mixed dominant.” Left handed for some things, right handed for others. For example, I write left handed, but throw a ball right handed.

I’m mostly: left handed, but right armed.

Not ambidextrous, because I can’t use either hand for any given thing. I am either left or right, not both. But it varies from thing to thing.

@samgai Left-handed, except when no one asked me, like my first guitar lesson, and my first computer with a mouse. I’m glad about the guitar thing because left-handed instruments are hard to come by.

@samgai @Oscii I’m right handed but my brother has condition (I forget the name) which means he is neither handed. Sort of opposite of ambidextrous; he has no dominant hand and instead has 2 bad/weak hands.

@Luke @samgai Oh, that sounds annoying! I can't imagine having, effectively, two left hands.

@samgai Right-pawed here. It doesn't seem to vary with who's fronting, at least yet, in case you're curious about that.

@samgai I selected right, because I'm not 100% ambidextrous, but there are some tasks I can do with both equally.

@samgai Please specify the activity. I write with my left hand but I scratch my nose with the right one

@samgai Other, right-handed for handwriting/drawing, left-handed when shooting with a bow/airsoft gun/…
And I forgot which one it is when driving with one hand on my bicycle…

@samgai ambidextrous, but actually born as left-handed and forced as child to use the right hand. Some things I still do better with the left, but I write with my right hand, and it is also the stronger hand/arm.

I'm right handed, but I learned to use a computer mouse left handed, because I played Lemmings on a left-handed friend's computer. I've been using the mouse right-handed for years now, but sometimes switch it back to left because it makes my brain feel cool.

@samgai I voted for "other" because my right hand is dominant, but a lot of things I can fairly well with my left hand :thaenkin:

@samgai Other: as a dyslexic I don't neatly fit into any category, I'm technically I suppose right handed -- but we are often "not particularly" handed at all, but saying ambidextrous doesn't quite seem right either as it's more like handedness is underdeveloped in us. I'm almost the exact same strength in both arms though, perhaps of note. I think I'm a bit more dextrous with my right but I'm not entirely sure that's through common usage or simply whatever handed development I got. I do a few odd things here, like I tend to just use whatever hand is closest to the task: if someone offers to shake my hand on they are standing to my left, I often return with my left hand by mistake without thinking about it, or catch an object in much the same way. At work if I'm cranking semi trailer dolly legs I use both hands equally.

Some tasks are decidedly handed though, such as writing or using a mouse.

@minervissa @samgai i mean some people can’t use either hand at all

@xarvos @samgai then why does it say "other" as if there's more than 4 possibilities....

@samgai i put ambidextrous but i could've put other bc im not like "true ambidextrous" or whatever
I'm left handed for some things and right handed for other things, there aren't many things that im equally good at with both

@samgai by other, I mean that I can do some things with either hand, but I write right handed, and my right hand is stronger

@samgai basically right, but hairdressing training (and some play as a kid) has me a little more ambi

@samgai I'm a plushie. All for legs lack fingers and thumbs. 🦓

@samgai I am right-handed, but I steer the mouse with the left hand at my work desk and with the right hand in all other places... I am a bit of a prepper here ;-)

@samgai I am ambidextrous in that I am clumsy with both hands. 🙂

@samgai I'm right handed, but sometimes act like am not, like, when I was playing a flute (recorder), I was holding it like a left-handed person because one of my fingers on left hand has weird shape and it was hard to reach one of the holes on flute with it.

@samgai Not many of us ambidextrous I guess. Of course us goats all are! 🐐

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