@th Hmm, it would actually be nice to somehow have a computer keyboard and a piano keyboard in one. That would make it easier to arrange my desk.

@samgai That's actually doable; you can use a MIDI keyboard for text input using Plover

I keep meaning to try it with a modified 25 key MIDI keyboard but a keyboard with at least 32 keys can be used without modification so would still work for music too. A bit of a learning curve but I bet it pays off: I use American steno for all my text input and although the theory is different I bet something based on Michela would be great too

@samgai i want this for years now: just a blank, regular matrix of keys (i don't know how many but 16×8 would probably be alright) that also functions as an isomorphic music keyboard (that is, it's not stupidly irregular like commonplace piano keyboards).

i'd like to imagine an alternative universe where PCs came with approachable music making tools, like they came with a mouse and paint programs. making music would probably be much less marginal than it is now…


@samgai not in real life, but it seems cool and similar to what i have in mind


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