E-mail was supposed to be decentralised, but instead, we've hit a point where people just tell me the username part.

"Is there an @ coming?" I ask.

They expect me to fill in "" by default. 😫

@samgai It's always hilarious to see when I've already filled in "jeremy [at] kescher dot at" and see a dropdown suggestion "" like no that's absolutely not my address mate Telling someone my email address with a custom domain over the phone is dreadful. Spelling it out one letter at a time is hard.

One time, I had to literally go over to their office and have them a piece of paper with my email address written on it for them to record it in my file.

@samgai ...wha.

Wow. We must hang out around different people.

@samgai We see the same thing with Github too. "user/repo" attached.

@samgai Apparently, some people just assume their name @ gmail . com is their email address. Even when that address belongs to someone else with the same name. I've heard people with common names complain about this ~

@samgai i have to keep around an account on a big service because too many websites use a short whitelist for email

@root @samgai I've never heard of email whitelisting but it really seems terrible

@LunaDragofelis @samgai it's the only reason i can see why my domain, which is used by literally only me, would not be accepted

unless they don't understand "new" TLDs (i.e. from the last 10 years)
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