⚠️Windows 11 Build 22616 enforces Microsoft Account requirement in Pro edition

▪️Microsoft today released Windows 11 Build 22616 to the Dev and Beta Channels. It now requires you to enter Microsoft Account details when installing the OS for personal use.

▪️Another change in this release is the removal of the updated system tray in the taskbar. Microsoft has restored the "classic" icon management with drag-n-drop.

The rest of the changes are just regular bugfixes.

👉 winaero.com/windows-11-build-2

@kura @puniko @koyuchan It has been happening in small steps. Sounds like this might be the final one.


@kura @puniko @koyuchan The final step in forcing everyone to have a Microsoft account, I mean.

Probably not the final step in increasing user hostility.

@samgai@vocalounge.cafe @puniko@mk.absturztau.be @koyuchan@koyu.space enough people changed, especially privacy concerned ones. mostly to apple though i guess.

but enough people changed to linux (dnno for how long) thanks to steam deck as well.

though more enough will stay on winblows

@kura @puniko @koyuchan Interesting how Microsoft is doubling down instead of trying to win these people back. Do they want to kill Windows?

@samgai @kura @puniko Windows is not Microsoft's cash grab anymore. They make more money with Cloud, Office and Xbox combined than with Windows.

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