Idea: Virtual reality game where you move using a wheelchair!

A realistic experience for some people, a learning experience for others, and a natural solution for moving within VR environments!

This idea came to me after watching a playthrough of Trover Saves the Universe, an optionally-VR game where the player only moves through warping, which is explained in-game as the player being a "Chairorpian" who always stays in a chair.

I looked around and found "Wheelchair Simulator VR" by
ViRa Games. So I'm not the first one to come up with that idea.

As someone who doesn't use a wheelchair, I would play the game, but I'm not sure if wheelchair users would. It seems like this game is more interesting to able-bodied people. That's not what I was hoping for.

@samgai This'd be nice as an option in most games, frankly. We don't have space for a full standing setup (if we had VR, anyway).

@samgai I refuse to believe this hasn't been done before and I want to see it

@samgai I'd play this tbh

navigating with a wheelchair on campus from the dorms is incredibly problematic and a puzzle in itself because they didn't put a wheelchair ramp on any of the main paths

@samgai this would also solve the annoying thing in many games where you can't jump over even the tiniest obstacles even though your character can run, because jumping mechanism isn't implemented: with a wheelchair it's just logical that you can't get over obstacles like that.

@Stoori Exactly! Wheelchair-like movement sounds like it should be easier to implement realistically.

@Stoori I mean, you can already move around in games using cars and tanks.

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