When someone asks whether you're a man or a woman, ask whether they need it for medical purposes or for discriminatory purposes. Do not provide any other options.

@samgai I have added "discriminatory purposes" to my active vocabulary immediately!

- "Are you a man or a woman?"

confused reaction guarantee

@sid note that I don't have to ask it if I see it.

It pretty obvious.


@sid Good answer, but only some people can use it.

this reminds me of a kindergarten-visit.. before our first one was born we went to visit some of them (long waiting lists here). My wife was quite pregnant at the time.
A young (25-ish) kindergarten representative asked us.. "Is it a boy or a girl?" and I immediately answered "they will decide that for themselves when they are 18".
The room actually became very quiet for 30 seconds, followed by a nervous giggle and some blabbering to change the subject by the rep...

@woozong Do you know what they needed the information for?

no.. I guess it was just typical banter.. it's a "standard" question asked around these parts when people see someone is pregnant..
I gave the same answer a couple of times more (even to friends)..
We actually didn't know until they were born.. and even now we can only be sure of some physical aspects.. they are 5, could go in a million directions ;-)

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