i've noticed that sometimes my mouse-clicks don't register. and it's only just occurred to me that maybe it's not a windows update, or a chrome update, or something. maybe the tact switch in my mouse is wearing out? is that believable? i've never experienced it before. either way i'm going to blame microsoft since they made the mouse

@jk For some reason, I always wear out the microswitch of my middle mouse button first, maybe they don’t expect that I open everything in a new tab. Then it stays in the infuriating state where I have to remind myself to Ctrl+click instead of middle click or it’s about a 50% chance of not registering the click until I get bothered enough to replace the mouse. But yeah, wearing out the switches can absolutely happen.


@kristof @jk I've had a problem where the mouse would register an extra release and extra press. A click would sometimes get registered as a double click; a drag would sometimes get registered as two shorter drags.

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