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dance video, eye contact 

I went out and made another video with another song, sillier than the last one!

Niconico upload:
Original choreography by めろちん:
Original song by レタスP:

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The legendary "Happy Synthesizer" choreo is now 10 years old.

Here is my try. My first for the whole world to see. I hope you like it!

Niconico upload:
Original choreography by めろちん:
Original song by EasyPop:

Wen du denkst, du bist allein,
denk an mich und denk an diesen Reim

Why isn't there an HTML tag to include an HTML fragment from another URL? It might not even be that slow with http/2. Are there some security problems that I'm missing?

Good job me for downloading that long video for the trip! Next time, try actually putting it on my phone.

Fediverse again? I'm still waiting for the fedichorus!

fedi subpost 

People go through the effort of adding a single full stop "." to an image-only post but won't add any sort of image description. not genau

げなう = genau
げなわない = not genau
げなってる = genauing

I love the irony of the phrase "maglev trains are gaining traction".

My portable music player orders kanji (Japanese characters) by their pinyin (Chinese pronunciation).

So if I want to find a file starting with the Japanese word 気まぐれ (kimagure), I have to look under Q.

morbid Japanese 


Fubuki: rokushuunen

me: 6shuu年? What is shuu? Like 週, a week? Six week years? Oh, right, 周年 means anniversary! It's Undertale's 6th anniversary? Cool!

Is English really Hakos Baelz' first language?

Her accent sounds a bit UK but not too much, and in her West of Loathing video, she said she has trouble distinguishing a UK accent from an Australian one, so does that mean she chooses her accent consciously and isn't from the UK?

"roll a dice or die"

Oh, that's not a threat. That's just a synonym.

Looking for a phrase to replace "get well soon".

The fastest recovery is often not the safest so I'd rather not wish that on other people.

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