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dance video, eye contact 

I went out and made another video with another song, sillier than the last one!

Niconico upload:
Original choreography by めろちん:
Original song by レタスP:

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The legendary "Happy Synthesizer" choreo is now 10 years old.

Here is my try. My first for the whole world to see. I hope you like it!

Niconico upload:
Original choreography by めろちん:
Original song by EasyPop:

It could be nice to have a website where you could post any unverified claim and anyone could come and refute it.

Today's felt a lot like Evangelion at times. I wonder what @meow would think of it.

How have I already made over 2000 posts here?

Imagine being a lawyer transported to a parallel universe with slightly different laws and having to basically learn everything again.

Sometimes people say "nothing can be done", but they're wrong, something can actually be done.

i want to consistently, competently make consistently competently good things, but i want everyone to see each one and react with surprise that i've finally managed to do something competent. then i would like everybody to say 'well done' and give me a dopamine crystal which upgrades my health bar

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Somehow I even recognised that they got the pitch accent wrong in "死ね". I guess I've heard that phrase enough times in anime.

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Whoever wrote the Japanese lines for Completing the Mission was probably a weeb with basic Japanese knowledge just like me, and they probably thought "I'll just make something up from the Japanese that I know, it will sound convincing to people who know less and hilarious to people who know more". I wonder if someone made an actual translation back to English.


I often see the "please enable javascript" banners link to, so on a whim I went to, and I'm glad someone had the same thought as me

what people angry about Brexit must be thinking about 


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