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account policy 

Here are some nice things you can do to be a better fedi friend:

✅ Use media descriptions.
✅ Use content warnings.
✅ Label misinformation and satire if they're not 100.00000000% obvious.
✅ Accompany your follow request with a random fact about yourself so that I know you're not a spammer.
✅ Don't be mean to others.

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If you don't know yet, I occasionally make dance videos!

You can find them on my profile under the hashtag.

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OMEMO fingerprint: 03594a7a b864d940 4c50ed6f b05171cd 873ddc5c 3d3a3851 7094275a c18d7221

I could hug the whole Earth!

But... there's no way I can get consent from everyone.

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How to communicate if the internet is turned off 

Briar is an app that lets you send secure messages via a mesh network, including via bluetooth.

Manyverse is a social networking app that lets you write posts which are cryptographically signed and which can propagate via a mesh network including bluetooth.

Ripple is a "panic" app that can hide or delete data. It can be used with f-droid to remove entire apps.

Be prepared

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Mini Metro is fun, but I find it a bit weird that the basic mode is survival in a game about public transport. Is that supposed to mean that building public transport is futile? 😁

tech take 

"Noreply" e-mail addresses are not a respectful way to talk to people.

"Do not reply to this e-mail, it will not be read" has the same energy as "don't @ me".

Not good for talking to your customers, friends, etc.

Do you list your contact e-mail address? Then use it as your reply-to address, too. Don't force people to make the extra steps.

Is there a voice changer that can actually protect your identity?

I want an operating system that tells me I'm out of RAM when I'm out of RAM. Is that too much to ask?

Thanks to everyone who uses CWs for AI-generated images. I stopped opening them. I just started finding them pretty boring after a while, it's not because I get bothered by them that much (but there are people who do).

tfw an idea looks good in your head and the more effort you spend on making it real, the worse it looks to you

@mezzodrinker I watched the beginning of your Hyperdimension Neptunia stream to catch up and let me say, there were about 7 moments when I thought "this seems familiar, this must be when I came in". Of course, only one of those moments was the one. I guess the game does have some repetitive elements. 😆

economy, negative 

I must be too stupid to understand this...

If housing prices keep going up, people will become impoverished or homeless.

If housing prices fall, there will be another crisis like in 2008.


So it's going to be bad no matter what happens?


Tip: If you're worried you won't get a chance to erase your storage media before you die, use encryption! That way, you only have to make sure not to leave it unlocked when you die.

(Inspired by @mezzodrinker's stream.)

Chatting on fedi streams is nice. If there aren't many people, the streamer will respond to most messages.

But if there's a VOD, then the conversation is forever recorded there publicly, with no good way for one party to delete it... 😕

The solution could be having ephemeral streams, or not including chat in the stream, or redacting the chat in the VOD...

Is this worth worrying about?

Is it a good idea to snitch on dangerous drivers in vehicles that have contact information written on them for that purpose?

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