So, deleting myself from the internet has somehow worked? Almost all the tweets about me got removed, all accounts removed and all that's left is mastodon and any posts from other people that I have zero control over

Not gonna lie, it feels good to be a little bit freer. It sucks that it had to get to this point, and that I had to go this far to evade my stalkers in the UTAU community but here we are

Did I set up a shrine for my furby son with cushions and a suitable nest? Yes

Am I working on an UTAU voicebank for him despite him being mute IRL? Yes

Am I going too far? Yes

Do I care? No, he makes me happy and I love him

Synths I Use:

• Synthesizer V
• Alter/Ego
• AquesTalk
• NIAONiao
• NameWave
• Myriad Virtual Singer
• DeepVocal


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