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My Vocaloid collection (8/1/2020) 

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Alrightio, looks like this is kicking off! So here's my post!
I'm Rae and I'm one of VocaLounge's mods!
I'm a non-binary man from the UK, and a hobbyist user of and . I also enjoy , and , so may toot about those.
Likewise, I may chat about games I'm playing - is a big one!
Feel free to hit me up, whether for mod business or a friendly chat!

Between Fate Grand Oak and Zarude Zandstorm, I'm more proud thank I have any right to be of my stupid Pokémon shitposts recently

I'll probably do this in the morning™ when I have brain again but yeehaw let's go gays

This is the face of a man who has to direct an unrehearsed play whilst pretending to be an elf this evening. Also the play is a ritual to stabilise reality.
My hobby is bizarre.

I really need to record a new VB for Chihon. I have a new mic AND cute new art. Rae work on your UTAU challenge 2020

I've lined and coloured this dork so here's art of my , Chihon Morrigan

my housemate and his boyfriend are being SUPER saccharine right now and I'm just here like

Oh man, a sudden influx of new folks joining the server! Exciting!

Hello friends (please be sure to check out the #/MastodonTips hashtag if you want pointers)

Every so often I have to try and explain The Onceler Incident on the group chat and I can't. I cannot explain why Horny 2013 Tumblr ruined me so utterly, or how utterly singular it was as an event to witness.

I don't often post about LARP here but I do want to briefly talk about how, for reasons, my character in our local weekly system has to write a play to fix the universe, and is using it to just relentlessly dunk on everyone and everything.

On the one hand I worry I'm just overemoting at 5.2
On the other hand, I love all these NPCs, such as Rocky Twink and his Buff Granddaughter, and Ghost Boyfriend

Literally three quests into FFXIV 5.2 and I'm full of feelings

Unfortunately, my existence recently has been measured in "real sad boy hours"
Even though I eat the happy chemical supplements AND eat food AND socislise

Me, playing Crimson Flower: wow, Edelgard sure is gay™, huh?

So I have a new tarot deck (I needed one for LARP, but also CALLOUT CARDS YAY) and it's. It's really optimistic about everything but also, if it /CAN/ give you The Tower, it will.

I created this with my iskn slate so the sketch does actually exist as a physical thing, which I'm including as bonus content here

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I love how like half the low effort Mikus are genuinely nice pieces of art, just done with minimal effort or hastily, and half are utter shitposts

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