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My Vocaloid collection (8/1/2020) 

:vocalo_v1: : LOLA
:vocalo_v2: : Prima, Iroha Nekomura (physical), Tonio
:vocalo_v3: : Yukari Yuzuki (physical), Lily, Avanna
:vocalo_v5: : Default four, VYs, Cybers

I also have a collection of voicebanks

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Alrightio, looks like this is kicking off! So here's my post!
I'm Rae and I'm one of VocaLounge's mods!
I'm a non-binary man from the UK, and a hobbyist user of and . I also enjoy , and , so may toot about those.
Likewise, I may chat about games I'm playing - is a big one!
Feel free to hit me up, whether for mod business or a friendly chat!

Current verdict seems to be that this is definitively the gayest shit he's ever seen in Gundam, which is impressive

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I should really actually get into Gundam
You know, like any self-respecting LGBTQ+ person

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After seeing people talking about gay shit in the new Gundam, I asked my resident Gundam Enjoyer for his verdict
He is giving us a running update of how incredibly gay it is

I need to save this screencap for posterity for when Wikipedia inevitably takes it down

I am a basic cliche boy who likes indie games with a metafictional narrative

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Okay that was a really fuckin lovely experience and I'm have. Emotions.
...God, I should really do that replay of OFF I've been thinking about

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So I finally started playing OneShot and I've finished it once and doing the Second Run™ and uh
So OneShot's fuckin wild

My cold has hit my chest so on the plus side I am no longer god's saddest slimiest little creature but on the downside, I miss being able to breathe easily

Anyway, shout out to NOVECT for the line "you were never the White-Haired Girl, and you never will be" utterly rewiring my entire brain

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Thinking about how one of the most impactful lines in a work of fiction for me is so entangled in its narrative that it's both a spoiler and utterly meaningless outside of context

Osmosis Jones was scientifically accurate actually because I sure feel like my white blood cells are playing GTA whilst trying to take down this cold

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The human body is a very inelegantly designed machine. I'm glad my immune system works, for example, but I'm less fond of how it causes my face to leak slime as part of the process

Man, the whole "gates to destruction that open in abandoned places" idea in the new Makoto Shinkai movie looks neat, it's a shame it's entirely a vehicle for romance between a high school girl and a grown man (who has been polymorphed into a chair)

In my defense
He has his whole cleavage out, wears emerald eyeshadow, and is clearly 100% ready to be first against the wall when the class war inevitably breaks out because he's been arming and training the entire lower class population of the city

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I've been levelling Machinist in FFXIV and, to the surprise of literally no-one, I'm a little bit infatuated with the tech-dork elf who seems to have leftist ideologies

I'm a poor sick little meowmeow and do not want to be working 😔

Made this for a friend and figured I'd force all of you to see it too

The Cubus tweet really is the single most important cultural icon in the FFXIV fandom

0/10 to FedEx for delivering this in the precise 20 minute window I was getting my meds yesterday, leaving it with a neighbour and not saying which one

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