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My Vocaloid collection (8/1/2020) 

:vocalo_v1: : LOLA
:vocalo_v2: : Prima, Iroha Nekomura (physical), Tonio
:vocalo_v3: : Yukari Yuzuki (physical), Lily, Avanna
:vocalo_v5: : Default four, VYs, Cybers

I also have a collection of voicebanks

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Alrightio, looks like this is kicking off! So here's my post!
I'm Rae and I'm one of VocaLounge's mods!
I'm a non-binary man from the UK, and a hobbyist user of and . I also enjoy , and , so may toot about those.
Likewise, I may chat about games I'm playing - is a big one!
Feel free to hit me up, whether for mod business or a friendly chat!

I love that a non-zero number of people in the Vocaloid community have decided Big Al is just a himbo who loves his smokin' hot wife
It's perfect

It's too hot, work is things happening so much, and I just want to cry from overstimulation

Happy birthday to me (clockwise from top-left: NieR: Automata World Guide vol 1, vol 2, Short Story Long, Memories of Puppets concert Blu-ray, Theatrical Concert 12020 Blu-ray)

*looks at 5.58 patch notes* drops from Tower are no longer weekly locked lets fuckin goooooo

Finished NieR Replicant Ending E just in time to be an inelegant blubbering mess for a tabletop session with

Managed to make a stellar play for NieR Replicant run D by leaving Junk Heap, Mermaid and Facade as my three locations left and then Shadowlors's castle
Fuckin. Time to cry everywhere I guess. RIP me

NieR Replicant achievement updates: finally got a fuckin lunar tear!!

I got myself a birthday present and it was the Memories of Puppets and 12020 blu-rays. Yes those are NieR concerts yes I am in too deep.

Turns out NieR Replicant's total time counter seems to cap out at 99:59:59
...ask me how I know. Or guess.

What I'm getting from social media today is that the England football team deserve only good things, and English Football Fans™ do not deserve this team

Sonic will never have a Riverdale-style reboot because they literally tried it 15 years ago and have been trying to forget it happened since.

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Hey remember that era in the 2000s where a few cartoony game franchises tried to do, like, more Serious and Dramatic reboots? Like, I can only think of Spyro and Sonic 06.
...anyway, I'm pretty sure those were relics of an era yet to come, namely ours.

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