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My Vocaloid collection (8/1/2020) 

:vocalo_v1: : LOLA
:vocalo_v2: : Prima, Iroha Nekomura (physical), Tonio
:vocalo_v3: : Yukari Yuzuki (physical), Lily, Avanna
:vocalo_v5: : Default four, VYs, Cybers

I also have a collection of voicebanks

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Alrightio, looks like this is kicking off! So here's my post!
I'm Rae and I'm one of VocaLounge's mods!
I'm a non-binary man from the UK, and a hobbyist user of and . I also enjoy , and , so may toot about those.
Likewise, I may chat about games I'm playing - is a big one!
Feel free to hit me up, whether for mod business or a friendly chat!

Hey friends, if the concept of "Wreck-It Ralph, but it's a murder mystery written by the Pony Island guy" appeals to you, I cannot recommend The Hex highly enough. It's the exact flavour of dark, satirical and meta I adore.
(If you bought the itch BLM bundle, you own it!)

US Eggman: All women are queens
JP Eggman: If she breathes, she's a thot

Other people, writing the mythic backstory for their novels: epic wars, creation myths, grand scale
Me: And then Set mauled the fuck out of Osiris, got exiled, and became a cowboy

I can't believe Twitter Trending is how I discovered there's a new documentary about Harold Pinter, and it's because of Danny Dyer saying the phrase "a bunch of fascist slags" which. Mood.

Gala Notte; Notte drawn in her regular cutesy style, but holding a photorealistic Glock that's as big as she is
CyGames, my inbox is open

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With Manacasters being a new weapon type, and the trailer for upcoming main story suggesting faerie stuff, I really hope Dragalia Lost gives us the unit we all really want:
Notte With A Gun

(Genocide run Undertale is its own beast with its own story and themes compared to Pacifist and I think that's very neat - it's about becoming the omnicidal horror monster of the story, one who can only engage with the world and narrative through violence. Drakengard??)

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There's something about the "person drawn into a world and its story which are not theirs, but through their compassion and love it becomes their world and their story, to the point where they would die for it if need be"
Yes I'm only counting Neutral and Pacifist run UT

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Last night I was listening to Finale from Undertale on repeat and it hit me that i think UT and Shadowbringers affected me so much because they somehow hit a very similar chord. Like, I'm surprised how many little comparisons that add up that I can draw.

God, the new weapon and wyrmprint systems in Dragalia are so much simpler to understand
Now I can see exactly how much grinding is in my future

Been working on this scarf for the past few days (I am now further than my previous attempt, which I unraveled to start over two days ago due to dissatisfaction) and I'm feeling proud!

I got a notification that my getherwings are fully refreshed and I felt like I was being mocked

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I think the funniest thing about my love of Sonic is that it's. Like. One of the things I didn't actually stumble into independently, my mum is a massive Sonic fan from the retro days and it just kinda. Spread to me.
We are the Sonic Generations.

Finally watching the Undertale concert and I AM. EMOTING.
Also props to them for making the drum'n'bass nightmare song work in orchestral, because Your Best Nightmare is one of my fave UT songs
The whole Undertale->ASGORE->YBN segment was just me going AAAA❤️❤️❤️

I know it's a little silly to get protective over a fictional character's gender but on the other hand, every time I see someone call Mordred Fate/ a girl I just go >:(
He is a handsome goblin man and you will respect him!!

(I've sent a returns request, hopefully I can just. Get the right cartridge.)

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