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My Vocaloid collection (8/1/2020) 

:vocalo_v1: : LOLA
:vocalo_v2: : Prima, Iroha Nekomura (physical), Tonio
:vocalo_v3: : Yukari Yuzuki (physical), Lily, Avanna
:vocalo_v5: : Default four, VYs, Cybers

I also have a collection of voicebanks

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Alrightio, looks like this is kicking off! So here's my post!
I'm Rae and I'm one of VocaLounge's mods!
I'm a non-binary man from the UK, and a hobbyist user of and . I also enjoy , and , so may toot about those.
Likewise, I may chat about games I'm playing - is a big one!
Feel free to hit me up, whether for mod business or a friendly chat!

I have a problem, and that it's that I can't take a selfie that captures how my hair actually looks, which is tragic because I can't show off how, when the back of my hair is tied back, I look like Asahi sas Brutus

Finally getting my ass in gear reading Higurashi because just finished Onikakushi/Part 1

Look at this goshdarn surprise present got me because it made him think of me
It me
(Pin and sticker from

"Rae, you're not obligated to get Miku if you get Meiko." No you don't understand

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The problem with the concept of Cheaper MeikoV3 is that if I got her, that basically secures me in a state where I Am Going To Buy Miku
Just. Endless Vocaloid Acquisition

I am genuinely considering referring to the VocaTone dual-language youthful male Vocaloid as Funky Jeff from now on
Not that I, like, really discuss him anyway but y'know

I'm SO sorry I was born English

I'll try to make amends in my next life.

So sorry for something I can't control.

I'm automatically a bad person because I'm from Fascist Plague Island

You don't know shit about me.


(bwim the situation for fans and owners of an instrument developed by a POC-owned company who have publicly disavowed the VP, but which is also deeply intertwined with said VP in image and name, is genuinely difficult and there's no easy way forward)

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I just have this dumb image in my head of Hioloid just putting a bag on his head and changing his name to, like, Funky Jeff

Thinking about Death Note and my time in its fandom brought back some very strong memories, namely of how much I genuinely fucking Do Not Like Light Yagami. Like. Fascinating character. Fucking cannot comprehend agreeing with him on any level.

And how his primary popularity was from shipping?
Like, I was into that ship, I have fond memories, but like. What the fuck

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Folks chat a lot of shit about fans latching onto really minor characters, especially for shipping purposes
But remember how one of the most popular characters in Death Note was a dude with like half a dozen lines (and who was only in the anime for 5 minutes)?

He has, after the Colonel Sander garbage dump scene, declared Rena Ryuugu to be his perfect woman and honestly, I get it

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He's utterly and thoroughly charmed by the characters and their relationships and honestly, that's the perfect reaction.
He's dying at how precious Rena is and like. Correct.

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Tally's playing Higurashi chapter 1 and I'm delighting in his reactions

Hello friends, I have remembered that Haurchefant Greystone

I know technically it happened early on the 25th but, as much as it's been a year since Miku Expo, it's also been a year since and I had the extreme gremlincore "dinner" of hotel gym protein bars at 1am

Wallace and Gromit is god-tier and every single one is pure gold

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