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Guess it's time for me to do

Hi there! I'm randsss! (some may be more familiar by my former handle: rmL) I've been following the vocal synth scene since around 2011.

I used to write a lot of stuff on VOCALOID and UTAU but I've been in and out of touch for a few years back but I've been looking for ways to stay in the loop aside from Twitter.

I have good impressions on Mastodon so far and look forward to reconnecting further with everyone! ✨

This is what happens when half of your stream gets banned by YouTube-kun and also realize the game's audio was not even on stream. (No one in the chat brought it up!)

I have to manually add the BGM and double-check that it doesn't result in another community guidelines strike 😅

After about three years of not actively doing audio/video content, I can still tolerate my own voice while I'm doing edits.

I got 5 new followers on Twitch (which is a new record) and I just realized I wasn't streaming the game's audio the entire time and no one in chat even brought it up. 😅

So, YouTube AI took down the first half of the stream for allegedly violating Community Guidelines. The full VOD is still on Twitch but will need to manually upload it on YouTube later today.

Was playing tongue tennis with Sayori too much for YouTube-kun??

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It took me like, several times to get a Perfect on just the normal difficulty! 😅

Now streaming with Doki Doki Blue Skies! I'm playing the Sayori Route and will continue into Act II. Feel free to stop by~!

I finally found a PSP seller and it should be on its way! This is after I bought the original three Project DIVA games from Shopee. 😂

Okay, everyone! The recording of my Doki Doki Blue Skies livestream is now processed: -- it was a fun stream to do! It does look like I'm still far from the end though.

Did not expect to get at least more than one person in the chat during today's stream! Thanks for stopping by!

I also already bought and installed P4G on Steam so I'll also be playing that probably next weekend!

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I decided to play Doki Doki Blue Skies first! Would probably live stream it later.

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People are probably wondering why Persona 4 Golden was the one that got the PC version.

I'm thinking it's because there's really no other way to play it besides the Vita. The other titles, besides P5R can technically be played on PC through emulation.

Persona 4 Golden for PC and Doki Doki Blue Skies (a DDLC mod) both came out this weekend and now I don't which one should I play first

PSA: There's an ongoing indentity theft situation in Facebook where Filipinos who have expressed opinions against the government are being targeted with fake accounts being made possibly to be terrorist-tagged if the anti-terror bill goes into law. Be safe and vigilant!

A different kind of 😂


This is Iofi in last night's stream (she sounds like a vocaloid)


VocaSphere channel is now up! Please subscribe 🙏


VocaSphere finally has a YouTube channel! Expect coverage of games as well as news, reviews, and other original content!

"Subscribe and hit that notification bell" as the YouTubers would say so you're notified when we start uploading!

Our Channel:


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