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Guess it's time for me to do

Hi there! I'm randsss! (some may be more familiar by my former handle: rmL) I've been following the vocal synth scene since around 2011.

I used to write a lot of stuff on VOCALOID and UTAU but I've been in and out of touch for a few years back but I've been looking for ways to stay in the loop aside from Twitter.

I have good impressions on Mastodon so far and look forward to reconnecting further with everyone! ✨

The new iMacs are back in colors! It reminded me of the old G3 colors ad.

I'm in a gated subdivision and I see this out my window. Please don't get stuck! 😂

Since I was ordering stuff from CDJapan, I also picked up the CD which comes with a bonus clear file!

And the honor of the first Hololive merch I've bought goes to the

Also, EMS actually delivers door-to-door this time instead of having to do a post office pick up 👍

I finally made a podcast debut on Spotify!

While I mainly talk about Manila being in lockdown again, I also shared how I've been in a year-long "community quarantine"

Not to mention, I just got a flight joystick for said Simulator and also have a steering wheel set on its way for driving sims.

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I'm starting to realize I really like playing simulation games. I came back to playing Microsoft Flight Simulator last week and now I just spent 20 hours into PC Building Simulator over this weekend.

I love the "over 100%" comments. Yes, that's an intentional game mechanic

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A VTuber streaming Project DIVA (with Sega's blessing no less). I have come full circle.

Ah, so it's now been a year since YouTube-kun has condemned me into the VTuber hole it seems..

It all started with that one video about band-aids!!

Now, has invaded my YouTube homepage 😂

I think I just fallen into another hole...

Great, I think I'll have the Nyan Cat song stuck in my head for a while thanks to wwwww

When 'Good for 6-8 persons' for me means 'Good for 2-3 days' 😂

God bless the YouTube algorithm with this recommendation 🤣

Today's lunch. I don't know why I had a sudden craving for lumpia and pancit 🤣

Anyways, I haven't been on this Twitter lately, but I hope you are taking care of yourself and have a good day! ❤️💙💚

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