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Guess it's time for me to do

Hi there! I'm randsss! (some may be more familiar by my former handle: rmL) I've been following the vocal synth scene since around 2011.

I used to write a lot of stuff on VOCALOID and UTAU but I've been in and out of touch for a few years back but I've been looking for ways to stay in the loop aside from Twitter.

I have good impressions on Mastodon so far and look forward to reconnecting further with everyone! ✨

Really excited to see the upcoming activities at Cosplay Carnival but unfortunately I’m not able to attend. I’ll see if I can start going to Manila cons later this year! (assuming the situation continues to improve)

There’s already someone with a Yor cosplay at Anigaiden!

I did not expect to find the lost city of Atlantis at work today!

Ayo? I’m still trying to finish Arceus and there’s gonna be another one!?


Welcome to the open world of Pokémon.

Embark on an open-world adventure in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, arriving on Nintendo Switch in late 2022.



In other news, anime and cosplay in-person events are starting back up both in the province and the metro!

Let’s just hope we’re now really seeing the end of the pandemic.

Got myself a bit more info about the events that led to Rushia’s termination.

It’s just disappointing it came to this. Maybe because I also work in management now that I tend to side with the company but I also feel bad for the talent who appeared to have acted rashly.

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These are never easy decisions. I understand this is a stark contrast to Cover’s previous statement on Rushia but it looks like they might have uncovered something deeper than just the Discord DM to merit a termination.

We may or may not know the entire situation for now.


Notice regarding Termination of Our Contract with “Uruha Rushia”



Also additional highlights this 2021 for me have been attending FanFes Online and Miku Expo as well as helping to get SynthV SOLARIA funded!

I wasn’t able to see Cosplay Mini Matsuri because of work but hoping for another opportunity for otaku events in 2022.

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2021 is ending and we're still in a pandemic. Still, I'm still thankful for the things that I was able to accomplish this year!

Still hopeful that in 2022, things get better. Happy new year!

Meanwhile here in PH, we've been hearing Christmas songs since September!





I see we have a good mix of trending topics tonight😂

Got some stickers of these Pinoy treats included from a fun package at work. Adding to my collection!



Dreamtonics has been working on an ultra-realistic Text-to-Speech Synthesizer. More information will follow soon.


Hm, guess I've been quiet here lately. Just had been busy with stuff at work though. I can see I have a lot of things to catch up on. 😅

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