I just posted two songs for Miku Rhythm Tap. Check it out!


Special thanks to @TurboA_, @easynam, @a916ww and @HarumiMakoto for mixing feedback!

Also special thanks to @Targoyle for helping out with the literal Japanese translation!

Just finished reading through the first chapter of Kimi Ga Shine and WOW, I'm super hooked on it. Can't wait to continue reading it on Sunday~

Just finished Chapter 1 Part 1 of Your Turn To Die... I'm really enjoying the writing... The game is very inspiring, and I'm totally into it now~

Oh yeah! That's Yuzuki Yukari singing that, by the way. I bought her Lin (Power) voicebank last month, and it's been a blast working with her ever since~

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Wait, you can post audio clips here!? Holy cow. It's WIP-sharing time!

Things have been super busy these past two months! I've been programming and doing SFX on commission for 3 separate projects.

I also have two music videos in the works! I'm definitely going to toot about them when they are ready.

I'm excited to share the songs with everyone! Maybe I'll post a few teasers here in the near future~

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VocaLounge is now FULLY OPEN! ✨

If you're just coming in, thank you for joining us! Have a look around and check out @MystSaphyr's guide to using Mastodon like a pro: docs.google.com/document/d/1kv

And if you like, introduce yourself with (be sure to use those hashtags, they make you extremely searchable)!

We hope to have a great time with you from here on out!


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