pairings i think about a lot..........

piko x rin
rin x miku
gumi x len
gumi x rin
...miku x piko?

i wanna write a duet for every combo eventually (i've just done gumilen and rinmiku so far)

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@ponko i havent heard of gumilen before but im not gonna lie it sounds p interesting (also rinmiku good)

@MerylAM573 here's the song i made with them! it was originally gonna be gumi x rin but len hit the notes better.....

and i loooove rinmiku, i'm putting out a song with those two this month hopefully!

@ponko Aaaaah, making duets for your favorite pairings is so much fun! I've made one for MikuRin and KaiMei and two for OliLen (though one I've never posted because it Doesn't Sound Good).

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