i completed a stylised 3D model! (not rigged yet though)

this is for a game project, but i'd be interested to find out how to make models people can use in MMD eventually.

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Hello vocalounge~ I'm working on a disco song featuring my girls Meiko and Luka

some inspiration from miku's palette went into this bike i made!

i have been branded a bot.... it is true, that i am

pairings i think about a lot..........

piko x rin
rin x miku
gumi x len
gumi x rin
...miku x piko?

i wanna write a duet for every combo eventually (i've just done gumilen and rinmiku so far)

stan utatane piko!!! here's a rock song i wrote for him


planning to include this in an ep starring piko for his anniversary

hello world! gonna introduce myself with cause i think my taste says a lot about my style!

miku v4x
rin/len v4x + v2
luka v4x
utatane piko (best boy)
rana v4 (best girl)
zola project
lily v3
gumi english

my wishlist is: anon/kanon, galaco, and maybe miki and yumemi nemu!


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