[BOOST OK] When you use , do you use single-column mode or multi-column mode?

@elmiko That's fair! This was geared more towards desktop usage, though. I use Tusky on mobile, which as far as I've found only has single column mode! So~

@partialkakera i’ve been switching back and forth between the two trying to figure out which one i like!!! i like having multiple columns but i wish they were a bit bigger to fill up my screen nicer, zooming in to do so makes the text like. fisher price big,,,,,,,

@LunarConstruct I also wish multi column filled up the screen better. Like, I wish it like, adapted to monitor size. But I'm no programmer, so I imagine that'd be hard to implement...

@partialkakera there are ways to do it i believe!!! my knowledge comes from one (1) web design/html class i took a year ago tho soooooooo,,,,,,

@LunarConstruct @partialkakera It'd be easy, idk why masto decides to use fixed-width columns cause like, flexbox exists now LOL

@MystSaphyr @LunarConstruct It's just painful because I can't go back to single column mode after having used multi here for so long (been on Mastodon long before this instance), but the ugly column width is a bummer..

@partialkakera @LunarConstruct I was on one instance a while ago that at least made the columns a lil wider, which on one hand was nice, but on the other... more scrolling

@partialkakera @MystSaphyr @LunarConstruct You can use a browser extension like Stylus with a theme that fixes column width

@partialkakera i've used multi column since i joined, but last week i switched to single column cuz i wanted a change lol

@partialkakera I voted single since I use masto on mobile more than anything else, but I use multi when I'm on desktop!!

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