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first time ever making lyrics! I think they might be a bit cheesy but I think they're cute 😊

found this lying around on my cmputer. I dont think it ever lived up to the original so I never posted it

well, i guess its time to apply to ASDR for like the 4th time now...

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woah a new cover
it's suicide prototype by utsu-p w/ kasane teto
it's my first time making a ust on my own and because of that it's kinda ehhh, like stuff is off time in some places in ways i couldn't seem to fix
but i tried the best i can right now

oof, just broke my headphones. Not sure what to do with my life anymore...

òwóli boosted new original, again. it's a song that's close to my heart lyrically and i want to really make it convey the emotion as best i can

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hi hello please send refs of your vocal character(s) for me to sketch after my walk if you don't mind

Not sure if I should be impressed or disappointed.

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Casually riding my bike to work to day. I look to my right and notice two people pointing at something on the other side of the street. Naturally, I have to see what they're pointing at. It was someone driving their car on the sidewalk. How, does that even happen?? Like, they must have been trying to drive on the sidewalk because, the only way for them to have done that is if they drove their car along a crosswalk and then along the sidewalk. Everywhere aside from the crosswalks has steep curbs.

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New "Can you guess the vocaloid song?" episode coming soon for this month~

Please share so more people can enjoy the show and have fun with our contestants :D

Link of stream:

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Today is the 10th year since my UTAU Hana was released.

In honor, today she is receiving CVVC support thanks to @VocAddict, new illustrations by Vieri, and a new DeepVocal VB thanks to Infoholic and @MystSaphyr.

Hana was a key player in me starting to do vocalsynth work, learn how to use a DAW, and eventually start making music. Thank you to everyone who helped me get this together in time for this day.

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me @ me: stop posting every single tiny sketch immediately to the internet

me anyway: haha this is cute

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first post here!!!!!! i have no idea how to use this platform so bear with me pls

Last night,l I had a weird dream where I was in one of my classes and my professor started lecturing us about sound design. And then at one point he gave us an example of some concept he was teaching us and it was exactly the sound that I've been trying to make for like the last couple of weeks. But now I can't remember how they made it :') I thought it had something to do with square waves and the prism feature in harmor, oh well...

wanted to start a project but couldnt think of anything. so instead of staring at a blank project, i found a really cute song and made a melody for it

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@ anyone making a Vocaloid Daina compilation album please name it Daina-MIX and give me royalties please and thank you

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