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NeutrinoP playlist including GUMI 10th anniversary song “YOU ARE THE REASON 10” has been released on music distribution service # Spotify .

3.11ふくしま 東日本大震災追悼復興祈念式 生中継 lv324705102

In my opinion, SynthV is more advanced and closer to a virtual musical instrument than NEUTRINO. Simply by having the musical editor and a proper user interface puts SynthV in a better place for a chance to enter the competition.

Few years ago I would have jumped in the bandwagon and stretching my energy to the max just to test this. But nowadays I need a reliable musical instrument which will perform as I desire with an easy to use UI. Same as MONTAGE8, the voice synthesizer must be easy to handle and to edit in real time.
I think Vocaloid5 editor is en route to have neural-networks implemented soon, therefore I won't need "just another engine". (Expecting Piapro Studio to become neural-networks too)

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Tested NEUTRINO a little... it's a hassle 😂
First, one must know what to write in MuseScore, precisely. Not just the correct musical notations and score, but also hiragana/katakana.
Then it comes the rendering, which takes full CPU load for 4-5 minutes. And the result is not always the desired one 😅
One major impediment is that we are unable to hear in real-time how the voice is going to sing or pronounce, therefore is a major step-back for the majority.
It would be better with a proper editor


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