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All of the following posts will be unlisted. I kind of forgot that was a thing. Sorry!

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trying to remember how to draw from life and it's not going well

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also the Mega Man Battle Network characters. Those designs, I mean, not all of them are the most collected, but the way they're illustrated and how distinctly robotic they are despite being soft shapes is so cool.

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Some of my absolute favorite character designs -- Nurse Witch Komugi, Tone Rion, and the Xbox 360 official gijinka were all created by the same artist, Akio Watanabe, and I'm really hoping to capture the feeling of the technical... clothing? in this design, lol. it's going to take some time but I'm excited about it.

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a few stray lines gave a robot design accidental cat ears, I may expand upon that concept. this doesn't look at all like what I intended but so far it's fun to draw

common world domination miku, which societal norms will she break?

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