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i am once again nostalgic for vocaloid shit that happened 3 years ago

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jumping into a political debate discord, finding an argument in progress, and selecting an issue at random, saying "that problem wouldn't exist under communism", and immediately going afk

schwarzer regen is SUCH a good fucking song god what a masterpiece

drop pop candy is still so good... makes me nostalgic as hell

it just hasn't worked at all though, i used to use it all the time with clementine but when i switched computers and programs it never worked with strawberry lol

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i will always prefer the original ver of electric angel to the gigap remix but GOD the gigap remix is so good.... even more nostalgic to me than the original actually

if you want a true comment cesspool go on the vocaloid wikia. its full of clueless 12 year olds lol

god and the chorus is peak vocaloid. or more like peak giga-p this is the most giga-p chorus in existence its great

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gigantic otn is a bop sorry everyone who knows what its about

made next level icons, because i'm way too in love with this group lol

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