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i am once again nostalgic for vocaloid shit that happened 3 years ago

i just headcanon it as the wings being bigger on earth because something something earth fairies evolving differently (which they did)

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roxy's fairy form makes no sense because it's a magic winx outfit but with giant believix wings. i love it though

look if i were them i'd get tired chasing around some girls all the time. go get a life idk

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winx s4 not having the trix at all was a stroke of genius. why do they keep bringing those three back as horrible sidekicks to whatever awful main villain there is with every new season. why don't they just give up lol

ogron's voice actor went so hard in this dub for some reason

seriously where is that bloom old witty believix doll i got off ebay 2 months ago, it's coming from france it can't take this long??? it's either lost in the mail or i got scammed. it did take the person 2 weeks to ship it out and several reminders from me, but i do have a tracking number too. though i can't get the tracking number to work on the postal service's website because france can't get tracking right for some reason

believix is absolutely not more powerful than enchantix overall but it operates as a form that relies on belief in fairies and increases power that way. and sirenix adapts to water and specifically the infinite ocean, where believix and other forms would fail. you cannot tell me fucking butterflix is more powerful than enchantix lol

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winx makes a ton more sense if you rationalize the transformations in your head as enchantix being the default most powerful form and everything else being specialty forms for certain cases, but the show definitely does not want you to think that because they refer to everything as "the next level" and thus wreck the power scaling with every season, not to mention taking a sledgehammer to continuity re: enchantix and full fledged fairy forms

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whole lotta people posting about their interests on the TL tonight

hell yeah

oh and abe natsumi's sister was added in last minute to replace tsuji nozomi who announced her shotgun marriage and pregnancy right before debut lol. what a mess

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the members were a gravure idol that tsunku wanted super badly in momusu, abe natsumi's sister, and a competitive eater. and then they dressed as gyarus and did para para dances. tsunku what the hell lol

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you ever think about how gyaruru was an actual thing that happened

whenever those new monster high dolls hit shelves, end of august or early september either way, i will be getting drac and clawdeen. i love them so much already lol

if only they had s3 too </3 still holding out on that

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this rip of cinelume s4 that i got is such great quality where did it come from lol. definitely not a dvd or the winx english yt channel

so why did stella get the same hairstyle twice in a row between enchantix and believix

also the song is so good that i know the lyrics to it in both english and italian. that's how much kid me listened to it instead of doing my math homework or something

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the believix transformation sequence looks so damn good the post production effects are such an improvement over past seasons, even enchantix

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