Oh nice, the crossposter still works! It posts to my old account though. I should go fix that.

Also, hi I’m back on Mastodon :)

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Testing the crossposter.... this toot shouldn't show up on twitter


Decided to take a break from subbing a cover and drew a !

Drawing by mouse in paint is actually pretty fun...

Credit as Xue

I want to use the twitter-mastodon crossposter but I’m worried it’ll get confusing if i make mastodon or twitter exclusive tweets... maybe it should be a one way thing then? Mastodon to Twitter but not Twitter to Mastodon?

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Oh, I should probably use different art on my vocalodon profile huh....

An interesting feature I noticed... unlike twitter, when you receive a notification here there's a sound effect that plays

I need to remember to post on here as well as on twitter. Maybe try some add-on that will crosspost?


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