Goodbye, Vocalounge. It was nice knowing you, and thank you for being such an excellent place.

I'll be over at in the meantime~!

gonna start just blogging whatever the fuck i feel like on my website

hello fediverse are there any porter robinson enjoyers here

last post was a direct request btw. would love a queer and/or furry techy mastodon instance bc vocalounge is quiet and full of twitter crossposts

Honestly, I'd love to jump ship to a different Masto instance from vocalounge but i wouldn't know where to go

surely there's a "trans girl FOSS enthusiast" instance right because I swear that's half of the userbase here including me

the centralization of technology and social media scares me and honestly i kind of want to just . vibe. in a smaller community that is significantly less discourse-y

very tired of general twitter trying to take nuanced issues and trying to make right or wrong of them

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hello once again mastodon. I hope you all are well. i think i will try to be here more often as every passing day i am more and more and more and more and MORE FED UP with twitter

oh in the past few months, I've gone and updated my website!!!! I added a guestbook and started a series of game reviews!

You know what I like about freedom? Being able to log in your social account and being able to say "I'm horny!" without people blocking you, people cancelling you, having your boss firing you, and having your wife/husband divorcing you.

just a god damn reminder that Sonic at the Olympic Games' OST goes abnormally hard

day 43684 of my imac not being here yet. it should be here soon

the tracking hasn't updated since it shipped. hoping to god the usps just forgot to scan it or some bs

Like the same five utaus that people I know have made are all really cute and they live in my head rent free and I want to give each of them a kiss

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I need literally all of my friends to stop having such cute utaus please and thank you

Installing the mastodon mobile site as an app is really good and works very well actually

I hate America tax code with a fucking passion but on the bright side it’s funny that we have this

stadia will be shut down and the devs will be left with stadia builds debugged on ubuntu and instead of bringing them to linux they will scrap them

welcome to dxvk/proton on linux

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