anyways i think i still exist in this echo chamber
hi, ig?

idk How to Design(tm) but well,,,, i can use this meek for smth else in case it gets rejected (which it will, no shadow of doubt)

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AAAAA it's been a while since I was last online here--

Anyways, I drew Master of the Court! She's from mothy/Akuno-p's Evillious Chronicles!

I don't know how to shade and blend hair and then clothes but as much as possible I try to make my coloring style match my line art uwu

I used Evils Court as the background because I ran out of ideas for it lol

@ from my Twitter~

hmm ig i'll really just lurk and occassionally drop art here

dont mind me
promo for an evillious chronicles fic i just updated
yee, nothing much really. just my crackship,, whoop

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By Hitoshizuku x Yama△, from their album "EVER DREAM", "Honor Student Syndrome"!

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