i have chronic can only tune half a section at a time disease

cyber songman is objectively the best vocaloid

why did nobody tell me the pop team epic op was such a banger

there are only two vocaloids with facial hair

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my ! i'm fine to be referred to as Stre if I'm included in the zine! ^w^

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s...still need help setting up the server for the dex and daina album.........i am behind schedule already 😭

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"Heartfast" was a super cute name.... Even if they never acknowledged Piko

This is Absolutely random and out of nowhere, i was just thinking how i had a crush on klad like, two years ago or the "vote if you have a crush on me" thing on twitter. It's weird! We're all over the world and yet these things can happen. It's nice, really :3 heres to more love in the future

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Its weird to think about how we get crushes on people in this community by just like......watching their tweets and occasionally interacting

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