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We're hosting our first community project:
✨The Low-Effort Miku Zine✨

We're collecting low-effort Miku drawings to make the sloppiest, lowest-effort, most undignified, publishing-unworthy Miku zine in existence.


Submit a low-effort Miku by February 16!

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crosspost, the piece did for @/vflowercollab on twitter in may 2019!

based on balloon's Rain and Petra

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'Sup mates! I'm Clue, and I've been around everywhere for over 10 years. I use VOCALOID, CeVIO, Alter/Ego, Chipspeech and now DeepVocal mainly! I also have my 8 year old UTAU/DV, iNA (private atm!).

Though I produce my own content (covers, art, originals in the future) quite slowly, I flitter about a lot doing videos for other's as of late, too! And occasionally stream on Twitch!

My fav VOCALOIDs are Sonika, Sora, Iroha and Chika. And let's not get started on fav producers. ❤️

I finished my icon for here and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!! I think that I'll post it on Twitter, as well! fjkhggfkhjkh I love the better character limit on here,,

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Hello everyone!

My name is Allison and I'm an artist and Vocaloid user!

Here is some of my art, as well as my shelf which features (most of) my Vocaloid collection!

My favorite Vocaloids are Otomachi Una, Utatane Piko, Fukase, Gumi, and Kagamine Len!

Idk how active I'll be, but this seems like a fun site.

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i uh.. made this a couple days ago

hoenn music is so nice.

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aaa hello!! i jus heard abt this thingy today from some friends <3. i need to draw myself an icon bls forgive me lmao. anyways hi!! im kylie. i draw stuff. ive been a fan of vocaloid for nearly 3 years now. i also really like south park, minecraft, sims and lots of other music artists <3. here are some recent voca drawings ive done! i def need to draw more voca content haha,,,,sorry for ranting anyways skldskljdslksd

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A bit about me:
▫️ Vocaloid fan since 2009
▫️ My favorite producer is Kiichi, he is the god i make ritual sacrifices to
▫️ I love Akita Neru and Yowane Haku and I started engaging with the fandom by rping them! askneruandhaku.tumblr.com
▫️ I do Vocaloid PV: vocadb.net/Ar/29612
▫️ Love oldschool Project Diva and Project Mirai~
▫️ My Vocaloid Playlist: tinyurl.com/wph8pjg
▫️ I run a shitposting account on Twitter but peoples don't know this
▫️ And deviantart.com/voca-holic
▫️ My favorite Vocaloids:

Wow, I already like this a lot better than Twitter! I'm still setting my profile up dkjhdhdgshk but yeah!!


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