a little self promo here, but i'm looking to grow my YT channel a little! youtube.com/c/kamika

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Not sure what to tag? Here are some recommendations!

☕ Introducing yourself:
☕ Showing off your vocalsynth collection:
☕ Art: (optionally more specific , , etc.)
☕ Music work: / ( , , etc.)
☕ Cosplay: (etc.)
☕ Recommendations: (etc.)

Also, tags like , , , and help get your work outside VocaLounge!

hello, this is kamika! you can call me mika!

i've been in the and community for ... a little over a decade now. wow. i voice the UTAU Sonata, illustrate, and have been focusing on covering songs as a this past year.

nice to meet you!


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