Interesting rabbit hole I just fell into: The different standards for home canning jars.
For the longest time I had only heard of Mason jars so I thought they were the same as the European Weck jars I'm used to, but no, they are completely different.
And then there are the British Kilner and Australian Vacola standards as well.
There are four entirely different universes of grandma jars depending on where you grew up.

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I have the urge to convert Fedora 39 to Hatsune Miku Linux when it releases.
Like, Hannah Montana Linux but weeb.

Another thing is that member states had started implementing these things themselves, which could have far worse consequences for privacy.

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The EU's proposed has been causing a lot of anxiety for me and I'm sure I'm not alone.
While I do think it's the wrong tool for the job it is not as is sometimes stated.
I tried to summarize this article:
But I decided that it's better to read it yourself.
Now, ChatControl won't work since the material it's supposed to catch is generally self-hosted, but it won't require backdoors or mandatory scanning (yet).
Not saying it can't expand into a bad thing.

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My favourite swipe typo of the day: "Norse cancelling headphones". Presumably that means Bluetooth is turned off.

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requesting anyone who reads this that the next time they have to tell someone what to type in a linux console command with a bunch of parameters

and if the parameters have short and long versions

and the long ones are actual words or even easily recognizable abbreviations

please use the long ones

You shouldn't have to ask: "Can I trust these people with my data?"
You just shouldn't have to trust anyone in the first place.

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someone who sounds like they’re from France is a Francophone. When I speak German, I’m told I sound like I’m from Sachsen (Saxony)

I am a saxophone

Genocide and Facebook 

I am probably hired for a part-time job that's both fun and well-paid.
Only downside is having to use WhatsApp.
I will never forgive Facebook for their role in the Rohingya genocide and their endless privacy violations, but when using one of their services is a necessity in life then I'll have to make do and keep it's use to an absolute minimum.
And keep complaining. Oh I will keep complaining.

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I've been using a laptop with a 3:2 screen for a month now.
I saw a 16:9 laptop today and I thought it was ultrawide for a sec.

I might not watch Vtubers that much but the concept has enabled things such as not™ Demondice collabing with producers like Giga and Deco*27 and I love it.

My bank is sunsetting their own app for contactless payments in favour of Google Pay.
I don't want Google knowing all my transaction details so back to using a plastic card we go.
I'm also kinda worried: At which point will banks start killing plastic cards? Will we be beholden to Apple and Google in a mostly cashless society like the Netherlands?

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I found myself on the Norwegian Wikipedia because it had the most information on a subject (related to wolves and bananas). And I could kinda read it, or at least, the information I wanted.
It's funny how language works, never had a single lesson of Norwegian and yet I kinda understand it.

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angry at a website 

Stop valuing my privacy and start respecting it.

Note: I was posting about Eurovision, I just remembered that that's not that big on other continents.

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