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Alright time for a proper introduction
I usually go by Mary online, it's basically an easier pronounced version of my irl name so you can call me that! I'm mainly an UTAU user.
I'm from Hungary, but I do speak English well enough. I also have been trying to learn Japanese with so far limited success.
I'm most active on Youtube and Audiomack (links in profile), I post finished covers on soundcloud and mqube as well!

But all in all I'm super stoked what will become of this sofware! Probably won't straight up swich over to it for now, but if it keeps improving I might use it more in the future cause it's neat

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That can be worked around easily if you set the deafult resampler as your resampler of choice for live rendering but that does mean I don't hear how the moresampler flags affect the note while tuning which is a bit suboptimal for me

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My only minor complaint so far is that rendering with moresampler is rather slow (tho it could be that my laptop is the problem it's a wee bit old) which makes realtime rendering with it difficult

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(Thread) So the first impression on OpenUtau is that it's pretty neat! You can def feel that it's still a work in progress but I really like the new features already and the phonemizer is a god sent

Terribly sorry about the radio silence work has been stupid busy in the last couple of months


MIRA ft. Momo Momone


Original: Kanaria
UST: Pifu yuu
Tuning/mix/master/video: me
Model: Tda/Jjnomu
FX: winglayer/less/nil/hariganeP/おたもん/ikeno/午前3時のおやつ/そぼろ

Brushes: kabocha

“They put their TEETH into anything dark and malevolent.”
This one has been tough, as I have hard time to find an interesting idea that matches with the prompt and the story!
This year I will do inktober with the very talented @lady_in_black (on Instagram)
#comics #oc #owncharacter #originalcharacter #nautilebleu #inktober2020 #inktober #digitalinktober #inktoberstory #inktober2020day8 #inktoberday8 #inktober2020day8teeth #inktoberteeth #comictober #prequel #villain #mastart #mastoart

proseka!kaito stole cumbia!gakupo’s mustache and wears it like a bowtie as a trophy

With deviantart eclipse being permanent and being terrible I'm thinking about reposting my art here
Well not everything all at once, but like gradually
Hmm... :thinking emoji:

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