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Alright time for a proper introduction
I usually go by Mary online, it's basically an easier pronounced version of my irl name so you can call me that! I'm mainly an UTAU user.
I'm from Hungary, but I do speak English well enough. I also have been trying to learn Japanese with so far limited success.
I'm most active on Youtube and Audiomack (links in profile), I post finished covers on soundcloud and mqube as well!



Comic cons make up quite a chunk of my income. Some cancellations (+ other stuff i've dropped due to not going back to the UK) means i'm gonna be out by approx £1000-3000, so here's another promo for my commissions/patreon
patreon/and my ko-fi.
Also! I wanna do £7 ko-fi commissions, but not sure of an angle, so any ideas welcome! Thinking 5-10 min sketches of real/mythical animals?
#mastoart #commissionme #CommissionsOpen

Hello!! Due to a few math mistakes, I'm temporarily opening ko-fi commissions. Either leave your character's refs in the ko-fi notes or DM them to me

Pixel chibis:
🌸 10 ko-fi / 30USD ea.
✨ 8 ko-fi / 24USD ea.for the first three orders

#Commission #CommissionMe #CommissionsOpen #artistsforhire #MastoArt #PixelArt #CreativeToots

hey all, please remember to support artists during all this shit. hearing how some of my fav artists and musicians are gonna have trouble making rent in the upcoming months due to show cancellations sucks. boost their stuff, buy some merch or an album

Hello! My name is シガネ (SHigAne/ShiGane) and I primarily devote my free time to working on UTAU related projects. I've contributed to several UTAU voicebanks, one of them being クレシア・セレステワ GARDENIA who belongs to my good friend Hanabi! Along with being involved in oto configuration, I've developed a Cross-Synthesis inspired feature for GARDENIA called Tone Assistance to create smoother transitions between her Normal and Soft sets. A detailed guide is included with her bank:

i wrote a battle theme for something i'm working on and i won't be ready to (publicly) share deets about the project for a long time but i'm really proud of it.

so i at least wanted to share it.

Nyui Anna is good y'all

Song: This Game

I used her -colorfull- VB for this one


I do try to have as many adjustments applied in the earlier stages as possible (mainly for pragmatic reasons, because changes to any step in the process require reapplication for all later steps) but...look, sometimes you gotta fix things in the DAW instead...

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