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Alright time for a proper introduction
I usually go by Mary online, it's basically an easier pronounced version of my irl name so you can call me that! I'm mainly an UTAU user.
I'm from Hungary, but I do speak English well enough. I also have been trying to learn Japanese with so far limited success.
I'm most active on Youtube and Audiomack (links in profile), I post finished covers on soundcloud and mqube as well!

With deviantart eclipse being permanent and being terrible I'm thinking about reposting my art here
Well not everything all at once, but like gradually
Hmm... :thinking emoji:

New Video!

Reincarnation ft. Yumekiseki


Original song and video: Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE
UST: PKAkatora
Tuning/Mixing/Master: me
Character Art: mizu-mado
Vocal: Yumekiseki by mizu-mado
Backing Vocals: Hoshisuisyo by mizu-mado
BG Texture for video: SparkleStuff

Presenting "Skylight", a collaborative single project created to raise proceeds for the World Health Organization's COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.
Check out the song in English, Spanish, and Chinese!

We've posted singable lyrics in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean, and resources to make your own cover or remix!

We hope people around the world will be able to make this song theirs in their own way.

I relistened to one of my older covers and It's not *as* bad as I expected but boy it sure is bad

okay so can someone explain this sudden overflow of apple girl memes on niconico douga? cause I don't get it

Happy Birthday Teto!

Model: Tda/Vk
Stage: hiro-K

Effects: 下っ腹P/nil/hariganeP/おたもん/navy/Elle

Noboru↑ uploaded a remastered version of his song "Monochrome ∞ Blue Sky"!

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