one of my fav hio artists always draws dex as bone white why is life so hard </3

It's easy to record and I don't feel obligated to make a GREAT product so I'm just going OTO, noise remove, and release this my damn self

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practicing my new recording setup (climbing underneath my computer desk and draping a blanket over one side of my chair) with CVVC

for full context Resampler8 doesn't produce this glitch, but R8 is SLOOOOOOOOW

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Anyone experienced in UTAU glitches have any idea why these distortions are happening? They only happen on "i" and "u", and usually right before a hard consent. I've seen other people have had this issue, but no resolution. Re-rendering FRQs, changing equipment and removing noise didn't help, & inconsistently recorded sounds render just fine in comparison to evenly recorded 'i's and 'u's.


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