On another note, I gushed a bunch when secret sky was airing on livestream and it makes me think there's a good place for online festivals. Anyone want to make one for original virtual singer content??

I have fallen into the FF14 sinkhole and it's been good to me

I'm this close to buying a soft pad to play stepmania to stay somewhat healthy during these days

Fun tidbit: I actually have a cute video of my friend making coffee lined up for upload but due to the vague contest terms I'm not totally sure if I could post that... perhaps when it's all over though!

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Hi! I finished a new commission of Shani for @nyamomask (twitter). Thank you very much!

Thanks for counting on me to help figure out the little elements that are a part of her identity, and it was definitely fun drawing her again after a long time!

#kariavalonart #MastoArt

Running Vocaloid 5 as a VST on Cubase seems to make it resize and have scaling issues... anyone happen to encounter this problem?

So sad I don't own a ps4 so I could play the new FF remake. Hoping it comes to PC soon

I keep thinking how awesome it would be if the supergroupies sweater merch would display the melody to World is Mine or something, just a little easter egg for some of us

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Are you ready? Because...

The Low-Effort Miku Zine is now here!

Thank you to all participants and thank you for being patient! Please enjoy the zine and feel free to print out your own delightfully low-effort copy.

We hope to make more fun community projects in the future!


Often times I find the only songs I'm able to write as of late reminisce or reflect on the past, maybe because I'm not as capable(?) of feeling that same way now as I once did before. It's sort of a shame, but I guess it's just a part of being able to create what you know

I absolutely love Cubase but one of the many gripes I don't complain on main (birdsite) is I refuse to pay $500 (or $350 to upgrade) just to batch export stems

With all my travel plans in the gutter perhaps it's a better time than ever to look towards working on my own stuff

After many years I've finally upgraded my DAW version and it feels triumphant

One of the best parts of being a small creator is being able to still make last minute changes to an upload, since it's not like anyone immediately sees it once it's live, haha

Part of me keeps kicking myself every time I tell myself *this* contest will prompt me to write a tune for submission -- in reality, I end up with one or more small concepts that get buried in the voice memo WIP pile, with the possibility of never being seen again... 😂

I remembered All the Same by Sick Puppies and went to go listen to it (remember it was in that Free Hugs video from some years back?) And it makes me think how that doesn't really happen as much anymore, the way the song in a viral video leads you to a band that you start to love

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