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For the forseeable time being, this will be my home for all vocalosynth related things.

One of the best parts of being a small creator is being able to still make last minute changes to an upload, since it's not like anyone immediately sees it once it's live, haha

Part of me keeps kicking myself every time I tell myself *this* contest will prompt me to write a tune for submission -- in reality, I end up with one or more small concepts that get buried in the voice memo WIP pile, with the possibility of never being seen again... 😂

I remembered All the Same by Sick Puppies and went to go listen to it (remember it was in that Free Hugs video from some years back?) And it makes me think how that doesn't really happen as much anymore, the way the song in a viral video leads you to a band that you start to love

(Jokingly) I feel personally slighted, the local music store is doing sales on used instruments and the eupho that I rented to try a month ago is now on sale and if only I could buy and bring it home forever...

Doing a bit of personal project work today with help from some good friends 😊

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We're hosting our first community project:
✨The Low-Effort Miku Zine✨

We're collecting low-effort Miku drawings to make the sloppiest, lowest-effort, most undignified, publishing-unworthy Miku zine in existence.

Submit a low-effort Miku by February 16!

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People joining just to post their low effort mikus ksfgkghl I love y'all please stay

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hatsune miku is the best and most beautiful girl in the world

I used to be blatantly against the use of built in EQs in hardware, but they are in actuality a useful tool to get more mileage out of your consumer listening devices - especially if you aren't touting custom IEMs or studio headphones around with you constantly (or even being able to afford them in the first place). If you know what you like to listen to, you can set this bias appropriately using that EQ, if your current set of 'cans' don't seem to have much spark or kick to them

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Sometimes my friends ask me if it's "okay" to go to a Miku Expo concert if they don't know Vocaloid. Rather, if you have the money, I would totally encourage you to! It's good music, fun music, and a fun environment, and you may find some songs you like 😎

Especially because sometimes people say they're interested in Vocaloid but don't know where to start -- things like the concerts, or the setlists in rhythm games that have Vocaloid songs, I always consider them a great entry gate grab bag

We have works in progress..! I'm thrilled for this year's project so I wanted to give you cool folks on here a little sneak peek.
(Please don't download/repost)

I've always played with the idea of going into law because I get really interested with creative copyright, and the way doujin work exists in that sphere, (and I'd also want to fight for creators that get their works used without permission) But man, it'd a huge commitment... and if I wasn't making creative works - even though I'd still exist in the industry - I'm not sure how I would feel

Seeing all these prog guitarists I follow releasing their pretty signature branded collaboration guitars at NAMM makes me really happy

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Me: I wanna live in a cute, efficient, off grid tiny house

Also me: hm I kinda need a third bookcase for my vocaloid and game merch

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By the way, the anti-repost policy is specifically in regards to *unauthorized* posting. That means if you're posting commissioned art you have the right to use (for icons or UTAU art or whatever) then obviously there's no problem.

Most Vocaloid concept art / boxart officially stipulates you're allowed to use the art for whatever you need (we're blessed with our fanart often being completely legal, especially since Crypton does Creative Commons).

My heart is aglow with everyone's stories. I'm a pretty nostalgic person (especially with one of my irls) so these are absolutely wonderful to read

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So today my Dorel turns 8 and I'm feeling so blessed ;w; to think so many years have passed! Plus, (@)stupedatori on Twitter made this art and I'm so happy ahhh ;;

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