I updated an older song with Eleanor Forte AI vocals!

inner life (REBIRTH): youtu.be/7GOLYGN_p6o

really gotta finish my next song so i can use solaria more... i gotta rest first and stuff and finish the composition and all that... another very nice melodic piece. i love melodies that do the thing

i have so many solaria thoughts it's making me go brrrrrrrr

everyone is going wild over solaria. i love it

SOLARIA has been released to crowdfund backers and I made a song with her!! :D


This also comes with an album release, "Ascended Fates!!"

lucianchen.bandcamp.com/album/ Similar songs are compiled here, filled with hope and conviction.

doing like. a lot of contemplation and just Wow. this is how it is, huh

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>_> the state of social media over time is just tragic, isn't it...

man. dragalia lost sure is a game. feeling things rn

bitches when they like obscure vocalsynth characters

it's me I'm bitches

man, long time no see mastodon... might as well try to give this a go again!

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me on every other platform: hello here is my music, here is my art, thank u! Iike Eleanor Forte. have nice day


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