doing like. a lot of contemplation and just Wow. this is how it is, huh

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>_> the state of social media over time is just tragic, isn't it...

man. dragalia lost sure is a game. feeling things rn

bitches when they like obscure vocalsynth characters

it's me I'm bitches

man, long time no see mastodon... might as well try to give this a go again!

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me on every other platform: hello here is my music, here is my art, thank u! Iike Eleanor Forte. have nice day


Next song is a Yuzuki Yukari original 👀

Eleanor Forte?? What about Eleanor Piano. Eleanor Mezzopiano. Eleanor Mezzoforte. Eleanor Pianissimo. Eleanor Fortissimo.

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My is open! If you need a render and you don't have the character you need. I'm open!
I have
Hatsune Miku V4x, Megurine Luka V4x, IA Eng, Yuzuki Yukari, GUMI, Kizune Akari, and MAYU!! DM me if you need render! I also have Twitter so I'm available there too or discord!
Discord: melobuniiP#1889

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Guess it's time for me to do

Hi there! I'm randsss! (some may be more familiar by my former handle: rmL) I've been following the vocal synth scene since around 2011.

I used to write a lot of stuff on VOCALOID and UTAU but I've been in and out of touch for a few years back but I've been looking for ways to stay in the loop aside from Twitter.

I have good impressions on Mastodon so far and look forward to reconnecting further with everyone! ✨

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hello, this is kamika! you can call me mika!

i've been in the and community for ... a little over a decade now. wow. i voice the UTAU Sonata, illustrate, and have been focusing on covering songs as a this past year.

nice to meet you!

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Hi there, I'm Myst!

I'm a longtime and user and I created the voicebank Kikyuune Aiko. I make both covers and original songs!

Among my other interests, I enjoy , , , and . I also play a lot of and titles!

I've been on the fediverse for about a year -- my old account was on the .ART instance, which I'll be keeping as a backup in case anything happens. ★

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