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I've been trying to come up with more casual designs for certain vocaloids. This is the first one I've done digitally. This is my design for VY2 (although he doesn't really have an original humanoid design). I based it off of the VY2 katana. The "Roro" design most people use for him... is a bit too pink for me.

rest in pieces @ socal fans who bought sj tickets 😔

I realized I haven't posted these here before. I'm currently working on a vocaloid fancomic!!! It's a work in progress. Here are the character sheets for Dawn's Journey!

The Mastodon moderation interface lets me see hashtags that people are starting to use and I just saw "nekomurairoha" and "caturday" next to each other. Good.

The angel of Punishment watching the remains of the world he destroied

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