2020 - 2013

haha this was supposed to just be for the boxart miku meme, but it ended up being an actual redraw of my combo of concept art miku with v3!

upcoming dnd character! she's a dragonborn monk who was cursed to be human for being racist

oh yeah I'm basically always open for !

I can do fanart, OCs, anthro, and real people (to an extent)! Feel free to check out my twitter/tumblr/instagram for more examples of my art!

Hi! I'm Angie/dellabeat!

I've been a VOCALOID fan since 2009, and I participate in the fandom mostly by drawing. I've dabbled in using some vocalsynths, but I never really get the hang of it, haha.

Some of my favorite producers are sasakure.UK, hinayukki, and wowaka. My favorite VOCALOID is KAITO!


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