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oh yeah I'm basically always open for !

I can do fanart, OCs, anthro, and real people (to an extent)! Feel free to check out my twitter/tumblr/instagram for more examples of my art!

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Hi! I'm Angie/dellabeat!

I've been a VOCALOID fan since 2009, and I participate in the fandom mostly by drawing. I've dabbled in using some vocalsynths, but I never really get the hang of it, haha.

Some of my favorite producers are sasakure.UK, hinayukki, and wowaka. My favorite VOCALOID is KAITO!

2020 - 2013

haha this was supposed to just be for the boxart miku meme, but it ended up being an actual redraw of my combo of concept art miku with v3!

sobs someday i will put in the effort to remember to include my personal hashtags and set up a crossposter...

the synth I've used the most is Synth V though so... I I GUESS I GOTTA DRAW ELEANOR NOW

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oops I don't know if I mentioned this already but Gumi English, Iroha, Miki, and Miriam were all demos I used (and that's why they're part of my )

Miku and KAITO are just happy to be there :^)

One thing I read fairly often (and adore) is F.Koshiba (WandererP)'s prose work (mostly it's work for their own music, but they've written fanfiction for other Vocaloid songs too).

If you have time I seriously recommend checking out their story for their and song "Iol and Carnelia" (the titular characters being KAITO and MEIKO stand-ins, naturally).

...If anything, because the ending of Part 2 will completely blow your mind 🤯

Made a business card that I'm going to be giving out at Katsucon next week when I'm cosplaying as "Seraphim on the Ring" KAITO! 💙

The back of the card will have my art and UTAU social media handles on it~

#mastoart #rakkidraws #vocaloid #katsucon

upcoming dnd character! she's a dragonborn monk who was cursed to be human for being racist

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