My physical Vocaloid count is now two. I found a really good deal on a copy of Hatsune Miku original.

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Sick of recommendation algorithms being like "if you like this, you would like this"
Give me anti-recommendations. "if you like this, you would absolutely despise this" I want to know what algorithms think I hate

I've been working on refining my kind of janky CV Utau voicebank as much as possible. I've attached a clip of it's current state.

Got these two in! I'm excited to finally own a boxed Vocaloid.

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i don’t know why Minecraft Steve in Smash makes me feel like Miku could be next but it does and that makes me feel pretty epic and poggers

I did a quick and dirty Japanese CV voicebank over the course of a couple of hours last night.

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yes i'm a grown man yes i'm gonna hold stuffed toys while studying and nobody can stop me

Fuck otoing. It's important but damn it's tedious when you have 3000+ phonemes to do. At least it's all visual, though. That way I can just put on some music and zone out into oto land.

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I've been working on my first English UTAU VB and it's been absolute hell but the chills I get from hearing it pronounce another word correctly have been addictive enough to keep me going. Lol
It's kind of scary hearing my own voice come out of a vocal synth.


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